Test ride Cowboy Cruiser: a more comfortable e-bike for everyday use


Boutique Belgian electric bike manufacturer Cowboy has just added a new, more upright and comfortable commuting e-bike to its portfolio. The so-called Cruiser takes the grips, wide seat and more relaxed riding position of the company’s C4ST (step-through) model and adds a top bar and wider swept-back handlebar. It’s the Dutch-style e-bike you buy if you already liked the C4, but not its aggressive forward riding position, skinny seat and narrow handlebars.

I had the chance to test the new 19.3kg Cruiser against the original C4 (now renamed Classic) and step-through C4ST (now known as the Cruiser ST) in Amsterdam at one of Cowboy’s new retail partners – an initiative that launched in May with independent bike shops across Europe.

The higher backward curved handlebar significantly relieves the hands and puts them in a more natural position.
GIF: Cowboy

Riding the Cruiser is very similar to the Cruiser ST, and much more relaxed than the Classic, which puts the rider in a lean-forward position with lots of hand pressure on the hand grips. Compared to the Classic, the Cruiser should make commuting over long distances easier, especially if you have a habit of carrying a loaded backpack to work. It is not as relaxed and straightforward as a typical Dutch “granny bikebut the riding position is a good balance between sporty and utilitarian, akin to riding a €3,299 Veloretti Ace Two, €2,348 VanMoof S4 or €3,498 S5, or €2,590 Ampler Axel.

Cowboy says the Cruiser also has a higher gear ratio. Honestly, I didn’t feel much of a difference between the three bikes, each tested against each other briefly in adaptive power mode. But I rode less than five minutes each and only on flat roads.

Otherwise, the Cowboy Cruiser—like the Cruiser ST and Classic—has a 250W single-speed belt-drive rear hub motor, a built-in cradle that charges your phone wirelessly, Google Maps baked right into the Cowboy app, removable battery, and wide 47 mm tires.

The new Cruiser will be available later today in black or “sand” (off-white) colors for an “introductory price” of €2,990.