The Google Pixel Fold looks almost hole-free in the first leaked marketing images


You’ve seen renders. You’ve seen some footage. You’ve heard the marketing leaks. Now you can feast your eyes on what are almost certainly Google’s first images of the leaked Pixel Fold. And if you haven’t watched this story in a while, there’s also a new third image:

A third Pixel Fold view
Image via Evan Blass (@evleaks)

Those are the kind of images Evan Blass makes a living off of, aka @evleaksand while his Twitter account is still private, he is a friend of The edge who would like to share this pleasant evening with you. (Evening to me, anyway, I’m in California.)

These 4K images don’t show you anything that hasn’t been leaked before, and you can’t see how high the camera bump is, but they do make this phone look a bit slicker than it did in that brief real-world video. It’s a fairly small gap between the two halves, and the rumored 5.8-inch front screen looks fairly substantial – if these renders don’t lie.

On Saturday morning, Blass also added some specs:

Update, April 29: Blass added another image and some specs.