Nintendo’s CEO says his online accounts are key to the next console transition



Wii U launched about six years after Wii and Super Famicom launched about seven years after Famicom. Nintendo Switch has entered its seventh year and I understand it has entered its final phase, so can you tell us about specific measures for the transition to the next generation gaming system?


In terms of moving to the next-generation platform, hardware has historically been the only way for us to connect with our consumers, so with each new platform we had to rebuild our relationships. But in the case of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Accounts allow us to connect directly with a wide range of consumers. More than 290 million Nintendo accounts have been created by people around the world, not only through our dedicated video game platform, but also through mobile apps. As for the transition from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation platform, we will make good use of the Nintendo Account to make this transition smooth for our consumers.