The Security Stage will debut at Disrupt 2023


In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is on fire regularly. Foreign cyberattacks affect public services such as home care. Data breaches are the new school “snow days.” Small towns and local governments are largely unable to fend off ransomware attacks on their own. Nation-state hackers are undermining the human rights, security and privacy of millions by hacking into phones using secret security flaws. And the emerging world of Web3 teeters precariously on the fragile foundations of Web 2.0’s troubled past.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This year, is tackling some of the biggest security and privacy issues head-on at Disrupt 2023 with the industry’s brightest minds and professionals. And there is a lot to talk about.

The debut Security Stage is the one-stop shop for all things security and privacy at Disrupt 2023. Drawing on’s first-hand reporting from the security desk over the past year, we examine the most pressing and important issues facing tech giants, startups and billions of citizens around the world with the people who know the challenges best.

How do we protect our most valuable information from hostile states without enacting US data laws at home? What can early businesses do today to protect users’ data from over-surveillance? How do we know we can trust the security of the phones in our pockets? Can governments keep cyberspace safe and protect our information without compromising its values ​​or violating human rights? Will web3 become the financial powerhouse of the future without solving the problems of yesteryear? How on fire are we?

We will hear from founders trying to solve the problems and how governments are reacting and responding to the growing threats such as spyware, cyber-attacks on public services and election integrity. And we’ll hear from frontline defenders and seasoned professionals with a collective fire hose of experience and insight to help today’s emerging businesses prepare for the challenges ahead. In years past, we’ve heard from U.S. government agencies like CISA and the NSA, federal lawmakers working to protect U.S. data, top security officials, and human rights defenders.

Early Bird passes are on sale now. Book your pass today and save $800 before prices go up on May 12.