AirTree supports the generative AI content creation and management platform Narrato


Generative AI is hot among venture capital firms right now, with an investment of $4.5 billion by 2022. narrator, an AI content creation and collaboration platform, announced today that it has joined other generative AI startups with VC funding. San Francisco-based Narrato raised a $1 million pre-seed round led by AirTree Ventures, the Australian company that was an early investor in Canva, Linktree, and Employment Hero.

Other participants in the round included OfBusiness, a B2B e-commerce platform, and serial entrepreneur Shreesha Ramdas. Narrato is used by clients including payments SaaS startup ChargeBee, language learning app Preply, and customer onboarding software Rocketlane. It will partner with AirTree to expand in the United States.

Founded in January 2022 by Sophia Solanki, an Australian serial entrepreneur whose previous startup was content marketing and social media management SaaS platform Drumming.

Narrato founder Sophia Solanki

Narrato founder Sophia Solanki

Solanki told that the Narrato team’s initial idea was to build the “Github for Content,” which is a workspace for marketing teams that offers automation, collaboration, and publishing, among other things. But they had also been following generative AI for the past few years, and “at its current maturity, it’s an extremely powerful tool for content creation.” The Narrato team decided to embed generative AI at various stages of the content process.

The main feature of Narrato is an AI content assistant that helps with scheduling, including auto-generating brief instructions, content creation and optimization. It also has collaboration and workflow tools and automated publishing features. Solanki explained that for creating both AI and non-AI content, users could choose from templates, including blogs, articles, web copy, emails, video scripts, social media content, and art. Narrato also has a chat-like format for content creation through AI, and plans to expand its selection of generative, AI-assisted content templates to hundreds.

Once instructions are created through generative AI, writers can use them for SEO guides and overviews. They also include research and benchmarking to help content creators reach a wider audience.

Solanki named several startups as Narrato’s indirect and direct competitors. Notion, Clickup, and Airtable are used by content creators for content project management, while Jasper and are content creation platforms that also use AI. How Narrato wants to differentiate itself is by embedding generative AI into the entire marketing and content creation workflow on a single platform.

In a statement on the funding, AirTree partner Elicia McDonald said, “Having identified the huge opportunity for generative AI in content marketing and already successfully building two companies in this space, Sophia knows the market inside out. She has a strong connection to the issue and has achieved impressive traction for a company at such an early stage, especially considering how far they’ve started.”