How to use AI to revolutionize your business: 4 easy steps


It is safe to say that artificial intelligence can develop almost any business. The question is, can it completely revolutionize them? Can your company transform from slow lane to fast lane, from service to product, from a million to a billion, by integrating AI?

Whatever you think of the AI ​​hype and wagon that followed, there are winners and the profits are not diminishing. Be smart, think differently, make the moves no one else makes, and you might create a business you didn’t know was possible.

Here are 4 easy steps to revolutionize your business using AI.


Step one: Start experimenting with AI

The first step is a conscious learning phase about artificial intelligence. Adopt a beginner’s mind and immerse yourself in everything that comes with it. Talk to those in the field, subscribe to those who were around before it was cool, and delve into theory and application until you know the jargon and can conceptualize it like a pro. Do the research, join the masterminds, get hungry for information. Aim to develop a solid understanding that you can build on.

Then you practice with the tools that already exist. Dozens of AI directories show you those in every industry. Map your entire company on an A4 sheet, including all the processes it performs on a daily basis. Break your business down into production lines, each with a clear purpose and list of tasks. Armed with your business card, use the AI ​​tool directories to find a platform for all your needs. Don’t do this alone; empower your team and ask your freelancers. Challenge them to increase their output by adding AI. Thank them when they find faster and cheaper ways to get their work done.

Step one brushes the surface of what could be possible with AI, saving you time and money in the process.

Step Two: Build something you want to use

Now that you’ve surveyed the landscape and are familiar with the scene, start taking on challenges with AI in mind. A capacity problem can be solved with a few clues; an output problem with a specific tool. You see gaps in the possibilities of what already exists and come up with ideas for tools that you would like to use in your own company.

These insights are worth gold and should not be ignored. Any idea you have for a tool you would use yourself (a concept known as dog fooding) is the key to revolutionizing your business with the help of AI. If you love it, chances are other people will too. So build it. Map out the tool (perhaps with a second opinion from a professional), add your specs and budget Repeat premiums and have a prototype within a few weeks. It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished, because you only use it within your company. Once it starts making your life easier, turn it into a case study and tell your network.

In step two, you build the tools you want to use and assess your willingness to make them available to others.

Step Three: Think in terms of the Platonic ideal

Elon Musk solves problems in specific ways. One way is to think in terms of the Platonic ideal. This means that instead of taking something that already exists and making marginal improvements, you’re inventing it from scratch, top to bottom. Identify the most fundamental need of your ideal customers, look purely at the result you want to achieve and work back from there, without any preconceived notion of what is possible.

Think about how your company integrates AI through the lens of this platonic ideal. That way you will find what the perfect version of your company looks like. In this new version you only have to be limited by the laws of physics, everything else is optional. Ignore budget and time constraints and ignore the fact that something may have never been done before because you could be the first.

Step three prevents you from being limited by small thinking and takes your business from evolution to revolution.

Step four: Find the right partners

You now know what you’re talking about, you have an idea of ​​what’s possible with tools, you’ve scratched your own itch with a few you’ve made and you’re well on your way to understanding how you fit into this exciting new world. Then, gain clarity and a sense of feasibility by talking to developers about producing your business. Assuming you don’t have a technical background (like many of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs), you’ll need to find trusted partners to turn your internal prototypes and vision of the future into lines of code and real-life products.

The best way to get the advice of an AI engineer? Pay them for their time. Find reputable people on Upwork, get in touch and get a quote for a few hours of chat. Tell them your ideas, explain what you want to achieve, describe a specific problem you are trying to solve. If they are quite fascinated with the field, they will love the challenge. They explain their thinking, suggest new avenues and add elements you hadn’t thought of. Chat with more than one to get multiple perspectives and move on to the ones you want to work with. Be open to the potential of the role; this person could eventually become your CTO.

In step four, you decide what role your company will play in building the future and assemble the dream team to make it happen.

Immerse yourself in learning, find the gaps in the market for the tools entrepreneurs like you are clamoring for, then imagine them from the ground up and get help turning them into products. Revolutionize your business using artificial intelligence with these four easy steps.