Union accuses Apple of firing employees in retaliation for organizing


The Communications Workers of America union claims Apple fired five employees in Kansas City and chastised another in Texas in retaliation for organizing. The union has also accused the company of questioning employees, promising those workers better terms if they don’t support the union, and threatening worse terms if they do.

Apple management said I was fired because of a typo in my timesheet that I documented and tried to correct. Still, it’s clear that the real reason I was fired was because I was exercising my right to organize and have a protected voice at work.

Another employee says she was notified after arriving a minute late for work three times in a month. according to The Washington Post, and that she was fired “after two more attendance-related issues”. The union has filed two charges of unfair labor practices – one for each store – with the National Labor Relations Board. You can read both at the bottom of this story.

Apple did not immediately respond The edgerequest for comment.

This isn’t the first time Apple has received an unfair labor complaint over its behavior toward workers trying to organize. The National Labor Relations Board found that the company questioned and attempted to coerce workers in Atlanta, and it also filed a complaint against Apple alleging that the company discriminated against the union efforts of workers in New York. Organizers at Towson Town Center, Apple’s first union branch in the US, have also accused the company of withholding details of new benefits it gave to other employees, making it difficult to negotiate the same treatment as non-union employees. .