Elon Musk says Twitter’s For You page will only recommend verified accounts


Musk claims the move is “the only realistic way to deal with advanced AI bot swarms taking over.” Verified users also become the only accounts allowed to vote in polls for “the same reason,” Musk says.

It’s worth taking this announcement with a large grain of salt, as Musk’s tweets haven’t always turned into enforced policies or features. Perhaps the biggest example is its February promise that the company would start sharing ad revenue with Blue subscribers, something that is still MIA nearly two months later. That same month, he also promised to open source the company’s algorithm on March 5, which has not yet happened, however now he says it will happen on March 31, without acknowledging the previously missed deadline.

Musk has made similar promises in the past. Before dropping the charade to supposedly ask the community before making major changes to the service, he said that Twitter would only allow blue subscribers to vote in policy polls. It’s a bit of a moot point now that he doesn’t really do it anymore.