Call of Duty is the latest to detect and ban XIM cheaters


Activision is cracking down on cheating with third-party hardware Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Devices such as XIM, Cronus Zen and ReaSnow S1 are widely used in Duty to provide mouse and keyboard users with the benefits of aim assist and reduced controller recoil, combined with the benefits of mouse and keyboard movement. Activision has now updated its Ricochet anti-cheat system to detect and eventually suspend or ban players using this third-party hardware.

“These devices act as a passthrough for controllers on PC and console and, when used improperly or maliciously, can provide a player with the opportunity to gain an unfair gaming advantage, such as reducing or eliminating recoil,” Richochet explains. team out. today in a blog post.

The warning cheaters will receive.
Image: Activision

Ricochet’s anti-cheating system will initially display a warning to players it has detected using this hardware. “Continued improper use of these devices may result in additional warnings, action, suspension of accounts or features, or global ban of the offending account. Duty titles, according to our security and enforcement policies,” says the Richochet team.

Activision’s crackdown comes just weeks after Ubisoft announced it was going to mess with it Rainbow Six Siege players cheating by using XIM or similar devices to spoof controller inputs. Players who cheat Rainbow Six Siege by using third party devices they will notice more input latency which will interfere with their target. Disconnecting the devices will return latency to normal.

Epic games too started issuing permanent bans for players who used Cronus Zen and Cronus Max last year, but cheaters have found ways to get around Epic’s detection system. Epic Games, Ubisoft, and Activision are now in an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with the developers of this third-party hardware. The hardware is designed to be undetectable, and the gaming industry has not yet found the perfect solution to combat these devices.

Lot 2 And Overexpected also both suffer from cheaters using these devices. “This is something we are currently investigating,” Bungie told The edge in February, but the company has not yet announced its own detection system for Lot 2.