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Ashneer Grover tells VC firms to get themselves ‘the right size’ before advising startups

Ashneer Grover, co-founder and former director of the fintech platform BharatPehas advised venture capital and investment firms to think about “right-sizing” in the wake...

US startups seeking funding should not overlook government funding –

While cash from Uncle Sam may not be the top priority for startups, SBA loans can provide cheap capital What is the difference between a...

PSA: The Dark Sky’s iOS app will stop working soon

As for the alternatives available to iPhone users (the Android app was discontinued in 2020), perhaps the most obvious is Apple's own built-in Weather...

In the relationship between Jhené Aiko and Big Sean

According to recent internet speculation, singer Jhené Aiko is expecting a child with rapper Big Sean. Twitter's BLASPHEMY (@KenKiablo) was the first to...

Is Instacart a harbinger of bad news? •

The grocery delivery company reportedly suffered a 75% valuation cut from its $39 billion high As much as we want to end the year on...