Tata’s Nelco withdraws license application for satcom; to apply for a license under New Space Policy


Satellite services company of the Tata group Nelco has withdrawn its application to provide satellite personal communications services to consumers in the country and intends to apply for a new license New space policysaid a top company official. Nelco has withdrawn the application for a license for Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite (GMPCS) that it had previously submitted to the Telecommunication Service (DoT).

The company intends to apply for a permit after going through the contours of the New Spatial Policy.

“The company has all the licenses necessary to provide all satellite services permitted in the country and will apply for the relevant license after reviewing the outline of the new space policy and the outcome of the consultation paper from telecom regulator Trai,” said Nelco. , general manager. and Chief Executive Officer PJ Nath told PTI on Wednesday.

The GMPCS license currently allows licensees to provide satellite telephone services in India.

“At Nelco, we are looking at a major expansion of satcom. We have a very ambitious plan for full satcom services. We want to take thoughtful calls based on the changing and regulatory environment,” said Nath.

Nath went on to say that the company is entering new segments as the regulation opens.

“We will also enter the consumer market where it was not possible to go with satellite communications due to technical and other issues. With the coming of the new space policy, we will also get there. We are expanding our business,” said Nath.

India’s 2023 Space Policy, approved by the cabinet last week, aims to institutionalize private sector participation in the space sector, with ISRO focusing on research and development of advanced space technologies.

Nelco currently offers in-flight and maritime services via satellite, as well as satellite-based communications to corporate customers via VSAT and other licenses.

“DoT has clarified that our VSAT license allows us to address land mobility on cars, buses, etc. Technically, in any market we want to address today, we can do so with a current license,” he said.

Nath said the new space policy has been announced and details of the policy are expected to come out within a week.

“This is going to be a complete game changer. A lot of regulations will be relaxed,” said Nath.

He said there is a spectrum consultation document from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which may lead to some changes in the satellite sector.

“We look at that aspect and then apply for permits that are needed,” said Nath.

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