Consumer Commission Orders Retailer Flipkart To Pay ₹25,000 Compensation For Sending Detergent Instead Of iPhone


a Consumer Commission has ordered e-commerce major flip kart and a shopkeeper to pay ₹25,000 for poor service and unfair business practices and causing mental pain and physical harassment to a consumer who was given a piece of detergent and a small keypad phone instead of the iPhone he had ordered. This payment is separate from the refund of ₹48,999 paid by the consumer Harsha S, a student from the district headquarters at Koppal in Karnataka, for the iPhone.

Harsha approached the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Koppal, against Flipkart Internet Private Limited and Sane Retails, complaining that he was carrying a small keyboard phone with a “Nirmasoap instead of an Apple iPhone he ordered online.

He claimed in his complaint, which is dated 2021, that he was paid ₹48,999 and demanded a refund and also compensation for the lack of service and the mental anguish he suffered.

The complainant said he was shocked after opening the package he received as it contained a small phone with keypad and 140 grams of detergent instead of the booked Apple iPhone 11 (Green 65GB).

The Commission said in his order last week: “It is worth mentioning here that online shopping is spreading everywhere nowadays as it saves time and money, but the responsibilities of the companies cannot be over after the sale of the product as it is the bound duty of the companies to satisfy their customers as it does not give any freedom to appropriate the money of the consumers either by sending wrong items/products to defraud the customers or to take the customers money to swallow.”

It held Flipkart and its retailer responsible for poor service and said their actions and behavior fall under unfair trade practices as they sold or shipped the wrong item than the one purchased, even after being charged the full amount of the product.

The Commission, comprising President AG Maldar, Female Member GE Sowbhagyalakshmi and Member GS Patil, ordered that Flipkart and Sane Retails “be jointly and severally liable to pay damages of Rs 10,000 for deficient services and unfair business practices and ₹15,000 for mental distress. , physical harassment and litigation costs.”

They were also ordered to pay back the cost of the phone, ₹48,999, all within eight weeks.

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