Airtel picks up Jio in 5G rollout, reaching 500 cities nationwide


Telecom operator Bharti Airtel caught up Trust Jio in 5G rollout with the expansion of the network to an additional 235 cities, bringing the total reach to 500 cities. Reliance Jio has so far announced the expansion of its fifth-generation (5G) high-speed network to 406 cities.

“Bharti Airtel…ultrafast 5G service is available to customers in 500 cities across the country. Airtel has added 235 cities to its network making it one of the largest rollouts to date,” the company said in a statement. declaration.

Airtel said it is adding 30-40 cities to its 5G network daily.

“Airtel was the first to offer 5G services in October 2022, and today’s mega-launch is our pledge to connect every Airtel customer in the country with ultra-fast Airtel 5G Plus. We have already covered 500 cities and are adding 30 to 40 cities every day. By September 2023, we expect to expand our 5G footprint across urban India,” said Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Bharti Airtel.

According to industry players, India has become the fastest country in the world to roll out 5G networks.

Despite the government’s goal of rolling out 5G in 200 cities by March 31, the service is now available in more than 900 cities.

Airtel said its 5G Plus runs on a technology that has the widest adoption in the world with the most developed ecosystem ensuring all 5G smartphones in India work seamlessly on the Airtel network.

“Second, the company promises to deliver the best experience – between 20 and 30 times faster speeds than today (compared to 4G) coupled with a brilliant voice experience and super-fast call connections,” the statement said.

Airtel has also removed the 5G data usage limit to match Jio’s offering.

Previously, 5G data usage was limited to the same as the daily quota customers had in their 4G plan.

“Customers can now experience ultra-fast, reliable and secure 5G Plus services without worrying about data exhaustion as the company lifts data usage caps for all existing plans,” the statement said.

The company has also deployed the first private 5G network at Bosch’s plant in Bengaluru, as well as Mahindra & Mahindra’s manufacturing facility in Chakan, to make it the first 5G-capable automotive manufacturing facility.


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