10 Groundbreaking ChatGPT Pointers To Upskill Faster


ChatGPT can be your writing assistant, research buddy and partner in crime. With the right directions, you can save time, make more money, and have more fun at work. A brilliant use of OpenAI’s flagship platform is for learning. Just like a tutor, a thick textbook or a wise old sage, but a lot faster. With a little knowledge, you can make ChatGPT teach you things ten times more effectively than any other method.

Rowan Cheung is founder of The Rundown, a fast-growing AI newsletter that takes a closer look at the latest developments in AI. In less than 4 months, The Rundown has gained a following of over 170,000 subscribers who rely on its content to stay up to date with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. Cheung is on a mission to educate millions of people about the latest advances in AI and highlight how technology is transforming the world. Its AI database, Supertools, records the best tools featured in the newsletter.

Cheung’s favorite way to use ChatGPT is to learn and he shares these 10 best pointers for learning a little faster.


1. Simplify complex information

“Prompt: Break down (topic you want to understand) into smaller, easier-to-understand parts. Use analogies and case studies to simplify the concept and make it more recognizable.”

Forget scrolling YouTube for videos or searching for explanatory articles. When you want to understand the building blocks of something new, or someone mentions a concept you don’t understand, learn the fundamentals quickly in a way that sticks in your head.

2. Make a study schedule

“Prompt: I need help organizing my study time for (subject). Can you make a study schedule for me, including breaks and practice exercises?”

Even if you don’t have any upcoming exams, learn a new topic by sticking to a schedule. This could be something complex related to your field, marketing or even AI itself.

3. Remember important information

“Prompt: What are the most important facts, dates, or formulas related to (topic)? Help me develop a memory technique to remember them easily.”

If you’re preparing for an interview, about to go on a podcast, or just want to impress your next client, learning and remembering important information about your topic can be done in minutes. With this prompt, your AI memory assistant comes up with catchy rhymes, stories, and mnemonics for you.

4. Ask for feedback

“Prompt: I only studied (subject). Can you review my work and give me feedback on areas I need to improve?”

Ask ChatGPT to view your cheat sheet, show notes, course content or resume. Treat it like the editor or professor you’d like to have by your side. Even a few pointers in the right direction can greatly improve the impression you give.

5. Apply your knowledge

“Prompt: Use your knowledge of (the subject you are interested in) to solve a real world problem. Explain your thought process and share your solution.”

Find out how what you already know can improve your life. Take your strengths and see where they can be applied in a broader context. That interest in hot sauce or obsession with snooker could serve you well in the future.

6. Compare and contrast

“Prompt: Compare and contrast (concept 1) and (concept 2) to better understand their similarities and differences. Use examples to illustrate your points.”

Build better rapport with customers by finding the similarities between your interests or areas of work. Check out their social media profiles to find out what they like, and compare and contrast them with your hobbies to find common ground for discussion.

7. Learn from mistakes

“Prompt: I made a mistake while practicing (skill). Can you explain what went wrong and how I can avoid making the same mistake in the future?”

Public speaking, that sales meeting that didn’t happen, or Twitter posts that didn’t happen; improve everything you do by explaining what went wrong and getting a second opinion on where to correct your course.

8. Connect with others

“Prompt: Connect me to a community of learners and experts on (subject). How can I join a forum, social media group or other online community to share my knowledge and learn from others?”

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game if you don’t find people who follow the same path. Connect with people in your industry and find out where they hang out using this prompt.

9. Summarize complex texts

“Prompt: I need to read a complicated article related to (topic). Can you help me summarize the main points and conclusions from the text?”

We’ve all experienced it. Someone sends an article that they think we should absolutely read, but it’s five pages long. Get the TL:DR by asking for a recap and continue the conversation without digging for the facts.

10. Stay informed

“Prompt: Help me keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in (topic). What are some reliable resources I can follow to stay informed?”

Get a constant stream of relevant information delivered straight to your inbox by letting ChatGPT do the research. Instead of waiting for sites, podcasts, and newsletters to pop up on your radar, get recommendations and check off the task all at once.

These 10 smart clues will help you simplify complex information, create a study schedule, remember important information, and ask for feedback. You can apply, compare and contrast your knowledge, learn from mistakes and connect with others. Finally, summarize complex texts and stay informed. It’s learning, on artificially intelligent steroids. Never fall behind and never let a lack of knowledge get in the way of your success.