USB or Universal Serial Bus is a small, handy, removable device that you can connect to your PC anytime. It is a very famous and commonly used device now-a-days. Who does not have a USB? Well, everybody carries it in their pockets. USBs are most commonly used for transporting and sharing files from one device to another. This device is economical, time saving and user friendly. But what do you think you can use USBs only for sharing data purposes? Then you are wrong here. USBs are capable of offering much more than your expectations. 

This article will surprise you when you will read out some amazing USB usage tips for your Windows PC. What are you waiting for? Let’s take a quick ride into various USB usage tips.

List of USB Usage Tips for Windows PC

1. Run Your Own Google Chrome On Other Computers

You can run your own Google chrome on other computers now. This has been made possible due to the USB drives. There is no need to borrow or share someone else’s web browser. There are some sites that collect apps that you can run on USB drives. Such sites offer you versions of chrome that run on a flash drive. So you can use such versions of chrome on any computer shared or borrowed. They are very friendly and efficient. They do not harm the current version of chrome if there is any in the computer. 

2. Run Portable Apps Anywhere

Any software cannot be used before it is installed in your computer. That is the saddest thing that can happen. But, portable apps can be used anywhere anytime. You can easily copy portable apps and games to your USB stick and can run it from any convenient device. Browsers, Email tools, messaging apps and games run with the help of a USB flash drive. So depending upon your need and choice, you can choose to copy the apps in your USB flash drive. Nothing can be better than this. Right? 

3. Download USB PnP Sound Device Driver

The USB PnP Sound Device Driver is a Plug n Play audio device. This device is connected to your computer with the help of a USB port. These are portable devices. You can also connect them to your Home Theatre system. You can download, install and update these drivers with the help of one of the best driver updater tools that is Bit Driver Updater. You should definitely choose to ‘download USB PnP sound device driver’ as for working on it, you are not even required to open your computer. This will prevent your computer from any internal damages and static shocks. 

4. Play Games

This point has been specially mentioned for all the game admirers. Gamers, did you know? That you could install tons of games in your USB drive. Yes, you can carry the games anywhere, plug it into a computer you want to play in and enjoy your game with the help of PortableApps you can find a list of flash drive games. For example, Sudoku, Chess, Solitaire, Racing, etc. you will find everything to play. To keep kids occupied, you can opt this option.

5. Go Incognito

With the help of your USB drive, you can run Tails in your computer. Tails keeps your activity completely private. It acts as an independent operating system. It maintains total privacy when you are working on a public computer or any other computer. For the initial Tails setup, you will need two USB drives. If you share a computer with your family, you can hide your tracks with the help of Tails. For example, you are shopping for a birthday party, or a holiday trip, etc. you can hide them all. 

6. Boost Your Windows Experience

ReadyBoost is a windows feature that has been developed by Microsoft. Computers that use standard hard drives will find ReadyBoost features very useful. Because it helps in boosting certain processes in the computers. Computers with solid-state drives, this feature is of no use. ReadyBoost has the capability to turn an external flash drive into a hard disk cache. So with the help of this feature, you can easily boost your Windows experience.

7. Use It as The Key To Your Computer

With the help of a Predator software, you can turn your USB drive into a key. This will unlock your windows computer. You can download and install the Predator software on your PC and flash drive. The computer will work only when the USB will be plugged in. when you pull the USB out, you will notice the display will go dark. Similarly, the mouse and keyboard will also be disabled. You can use Predator software to unlock more than one computer with the help of the same flash drive. Similarly, you can use multiple flash drives for the same computer. Each member in your family can unlock the particular computer. 

8. Carry Important Files While Travelling

Travelling requires a lot of planning. For example, important documents like your Passport, emergency contacts, IDs, Itinerary, ticket confirmations, etc. No doubt, you are asked to carry the physical copies of all these documents. But do you know that you can also carry them all in a small USB. that means you can carry it in your pocket, wallet or attach it to a key ring, etc. Friends, what can be better than this?

9. Install Almost Any Operating System

You can install a new Operating system in your computer. For that purpose, you can use the bootable disk images of an operating system. In other words, users of Windows 10 can easily create a bootable USB installer disk using a certain tool. If there is any problem with the operating system, you can use the USB installer disk to recover or reinstall Windows. So, you can install all types of Linux operating systems from USB. You will get a feel like you are working on an operating system that is running directly from USB before its installation. 


How did you find the above USB usage tips? Hope you find them amazing. Sometimes, a small thing can offer you big and surprising benefits that are beyond your expectations. Its great if you have learnt various USB usage tips from this article. That is, not just sharing and transporting files, but lots more USB has to offer. Start using your USB for various purposes as they are mentioned in the article above. You will see how it brings a sudden change in your working style.


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