Your iPhone’s Hidden Photos Get Extra Protection in iOS 16


Apple is adding a new feature to iOS 16 to make the hidden and recently deleted albums in Photos much more personal. As of iOS 16, those albums are now locked by default and you can unlock them using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. according to Apple’s iOS 16 feature page

In iOS 15, those albums are hard to find, but they’re not behind any protection. That means someone who may have unwanted access to your phone can easily see what’s there if they know where to look – which in particular negates the purpose of the Hidden album somewhat. With the change in iOS 16, people won’t be able to see photos in both albums unless you unlock them. This new feature will also be available in iPad OS 16 and macOS Venturaand all three software updates will be available this fall.

The Photos updates aren’t the only new privacy features in iOS 16. Apple also introduced Safety Check, which aims to protect people in abusive relationships by letting them revoke access to information shared with others.


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