With Best Buy Upgrade Plus financing, you can pay for that new MacBook in three years


As an example, Best Buy says you can buy the $999 M1-powered MacBook Air for just $19.99 for 36 months and then pay the remaining $280.35 in Month 37 to keep the device. That is, assuming you qualify for a zero percent APR offer – the program’s FAQ states that offers can earn up to 29.99 percent interest, depending on creditworthiness.

But if you don’t want to pay the higher amount of that final payment, Best Buy says you have two options: return the device and exit the program entirely. or return the device and upgrade to the latest model. In other words, Best Buy will pay the remaining balance if you choose to upgrade, but you must commit to three more years of payments before you can upgrade again, keep the device, or exit the program.

Best Buy's Upgrade Plus Program

Best Buy Upgrade Plus lets you choose from five MacBooks.

Best Buy says you can put accessories or an AppleCare Plus subscription on your monthly bill (but your payments will go up, of course). And if you’re a Best Buy TotalTech member, a two-year AppleCare Plus subscription is already included with your purchase of select Apple products.

Upgrade Plus looks like Apple’s own iPhone program, which binds you up to 24 months in payments, but gives you the option to trade in and upgrade your device once you complete 12 months of payments. It is rumored that Apple is also considering selling an iPhone subscription service that is reportedly launching late this year or next year. However, unlike Apple’s existing upgrade program, it can come with a monthly base fee that doesn’t depend on the price of the device itself, making it more like an iPhone lending service.