Valve delays Steam Deck dock due to COVID-related shortages and closures


Valve shared yesterday that the official docking station created to route the images from the Steam Deck to a TV or monitor (and plug in a few USB peripherals) has been delayed again. The dock missed its first shipping launch window alongside the first batch of Deck reservations in late February, and a mix of ongoing parts shortages and COVID-related work stoppages has pushed the release further into the future. Valve has not shared when it aims to release the dock, although it says it is “working to improve the situation”.

For the many still waiting for their Steam Deck reservations, Valve wants you to know that this dock delay won’t affect console production. It says that these docks use different parts and they are made in different factories.

We still don’t know how much Valve’s dock will cost when it’s ready.
Image: Valve

To make the wait more bearable for those who already own a deck, Valve said the team is working to improve the way the handheld PC console works with other USB-C hubs and external displays. And given that the team has already shown how quickly it can replicate the Deck’s software, that’s encouraging.

On that note, if you’re tired of waiting for Valve’s official dock, I recommend trying one of the many somewhat affordable USB-C hubs readily available. Some replies to Valve’s tweet offer solutions (although there are few, if any, DisplayPorts like the Deck dock will). And while I haven’t personally tried the Steam Deck with a USB-C hub, most of these models are listed on Amazon would it work† Just look for something that has HDMI output and can provide at least 45W of USB-C throughput for the Deck, which is a pretty low bar these days.


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