TweetDeck for Mac is disappearing, so it’s time to download Tweet


TweetDeck for Mac will be shutting down on July 1 in just two days. I rely on the TweetDeck app for my work as a news writer here at The edge – I live for my warnings about big news and enjoy being able to scroll through the infinity of my Twitter columns – and I was disappointed to hear that TweetDeck was going away. But if you are looking for a replacement, you should seriously take a look Tweet† I downloaded it a day or two after Twitter announced that TweetDeck was disappearing, and I haven’t looked back.

Tweeting is actually TweetDeck. Like Twitter’s official power user app, Tweeting lets you do things like tweet directly from the client and create all kinds of columns so you can plug into the matrix. Seriously, just take a look at this Tweeten screenshot – if you’ve ever used TweetDeck before, I suspect this layout looks familiar:

Glorious columns.
Image: Tweeting

But Tweeten has a few things that I like better than the native TweetDeck app. Tweeting offers more ways to customize the app to your liking in the settings menu. And I find Tweeting’s custom notifications to be much more powerful. You can like and retweet a tweet right from the notification, and set things like which corner of the screen they appear in and how long they remain visible.

An example of a Tweeting notification.
Image: Tweeting

I’m having some minor issues with Tweeting. I think TweetDeck looks nicer, and sometimes I run into a bug where notifications appear in the center of my screen after I plug my MacBook Air back into my monitor. But those issues didn’t stop me from opening Tweeten instead of TweetDeck every morning — I actually forgot that TweetDeck was going away until my colleagues started talking about it in Slack this morning. Tweeting has even earned a permanent place on my MacBook’s dock.

Tweeting is available as a free download for Mac and Windows, and you can also get it as a Chrome extension. If you try Tweeting and still prefer TweetDeck, it will live on as an app on the web.


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