TikTok can now help you stop your infinite scrolling


TikTok adds a slew of new features designed to keep you from getting lost in the never-ending feed of addictive short videos, the service has announced† A new tool shows a reminder after using the app for a longer, user-defined period of time, and adds new protection to existing ones daily limits† Teen users (aged 13-17) are asked to use the screen time restriction tool if they spend more than 100 minutes in the app in a single day.

TikTok is also adding a new Screen Time dashboard that shows a summary of app usage. Statistics include the amount of time the app has been open, a breakdown of daytime and nighttime usage, and an overall counter for the amount of time spent in the app each day.

The service’s new Screen Time dashboard.
Image: TikTok

TikTok’s new features follow the addition of similar tools to other apps like Instagram and Netflix designed to help users manage the time they spend on it. Apple and Google also allow app limits to be set on iOS and Android. They are useful additions to services whose advertising-based business models can drive to maximize user attention.


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