Spotify is back up and running after going down Friday night


It’s Friday night in the US and the music there hasn’t played on Spotify for a while for a lot of people. Users reported that streams suddenly stopped, and for people who have logged out, some say they cannot log back in.

The outage has generated more than 30,000 reports down detector. com, starting just before 8 p.m. ET and rising sharply since then. A status page for the company’s web API indicates a “minor” partial glitch that only affects the player itself, which is consistent with what we’re seeing – but that’s also the most important part of Spotify.

The Spotify Status Twitter account acknowledged the issues just before 9 p.m. ET, tweet“we’re looking into it,” and finally followed up at 11:16 PM ET with a message stating that “it’s looking much better now.”

The last time we saw this kind of service-wide outage for Spotify was a Google Cloud issue, but so far there’s been no evidence of a larger cloud or routing issue that might have affected other services.

If you still can’t stream your music, you may need to pass the aux cable to someone who doesn’t have a Spotify subscription (they’re easy to spot, they’re the only ones who haven’t posted a Spotify Wrapped image on social media for a few weeks ago), or do something as archaic as relying on downloaded mp3s or some sort of physical media.

Update 11:25 PM ET: Updated with Spotify’s message that the service appears to be restored.


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