Sony wants about half of its games to be on PC and mobile by 2025


Sony plans to have about half of its game releases on PC or mobile by 2025, according to a presentation delivered during the company’s annual investor day† A chart shown during the presentation suggests this would be a big increase from this year’s releases, when about a quarter of the company’s releases will be on PC and mobile, with the rest split between the PlayStation 4. – and PlayStation 5 consoles.

“By expanding into PC and mobile, and it must be said… also into live services, we have the opportunity to move from a situation where we are in a very narrow segment of the overall gaming software market, to just about everywhere attend,” said Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in comments reported by Video Games Chronicle

A chart from Sony’s presentation showing the growth in PC and mobile releases.
Image: Sony

Ryan went on to say that investing in PC and mobile could lead to “significant growth in the number of people playing our games, the number of people enjoying our games and the number of people spending money on our games.”

Sony’s presentation suggests that the company is already reaping the benefits of bringing titles like Horizon Zero DawnDays gone byand god of war to PC, with net sales on the platform more than tripling from $80 million last year to a projected $300 million by 2022. Sony has expressed its plans to bring more titles to PC; launch a PlayStation PC label and even acquiring a PC port developer last year.

Sony’s PC ports sales growth.
Image: Sony

On the mobile side, Video Games Chronicle reported last year that Sony hired former Apple Arcade content boss Nicola Sebastiani first of several new employees to join PlayStation Studios to focus on mobile. In a slide, the company said it plans to release mobile games through a number of different avenues, including jointly developing titles with existing mobile developers and establishing its own network of studios.

In addition to PC and mobile, Sony’s presentation provided more details about its ambitions for live service games. It plans to have 12 live service franchises by 2025, up from one last year and three this year. This suggests that Sony has two unannounced live service games in development for release in fiscal 2022 (MLB The Show 2022 is the third, and Ryan confirmed in a question and answer from Bungie Destiny is not included in this quantity). Sony previously said it plans to launch more than 10 live service games by March 2026.

Finally, the company says it wants to expand the use of its IP beyond gaming and the recent not mapped movie, and the upcoming HBO series based on The last of us as important examples.

In a final slide, Sony said it hopes to “transform PlayStation’s current console-centric approach to a future where large parts of our community extend beyond the console.”


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