Sony fixes PlayStation Plus subscription pricing error


Sony is correcting what it says was a “technical error” that resulted in users paying a higher-than-expected price to upgrade to one of the new PlayStation Plus tiers.

When the revamped subscription service went live in Asia on May 23, some users reported anyone who tried to upgrade from a plan they purchased at a discount was faced with a refund of what they initially saved, plus the new tier upgrade price.

In order for consumers to take advantage of the shiny new PlayStation Plus, Sony would essentially get all their money.

There was also a similar situation for people who “stacked” PS Now subscriptions. PS Now, which lets you stream older PlayStation games, currently costs $59.99 per year. The equivalent tier in the new PlayStation Plus service costs $119.99 per year. So, prior to the rollout, players bought subscription cards for years at the current price in the hopes that they would save a ton of money when the service stops.

Not only did Sony temporarily stop players from redeeming those cards, but it seemed that anyone who had stacked PS Now subscriptions for years would have had to pay the difference for all their redeemed time – something that would add up if they had 10 years of time with them as some people apparently were

After two days of get a spanking in the court of public opinionSony tweeted that the “fuck you, pay me” pricing situation was a technical error and players who were overcharged were getting refunds.

In addition, those who “stacked” their PS Now subscriptions got a handy conversion chart from Sony explaining how much time they would really get for all their pre-purchased subscription cards.

PlayStation Plus / PS Now Subscription Conversion Chart

The revamped PlayStation Plus service will launch in Japan, Europe and North America in June.