In recent years, investors are paying close attention to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of the main reasons is that AI can completely change everything from cloud computing to transportation. Even many businesses are super excited about the possibility of AI helping them in the future. That’s right; AI is something that can make anyone go wow because of its capabilities.

Below are some facts about AI that you should know to understand how great this technology is for humans. So, keep reading!

Has different types of computer learning

Generally, the learning capacity of AI is thought to be a wide range of things. But they are specific like deep inference, deep learning, and machine learning. These are just the types of how a computer learns. For easy understanding, consider machine learning. Here, the computer learns from the given data and makes a prediction using algorithms.

Boost to the global economy

Since they can make services and products better, you can expect a boost to GDP. By one official report, you can expect a 15.7 trillion dollar contribution from AI to the global economy by 2030. By estimation, the GDP of North America will increase by 14 per cent that year.

Self-driving car market dependent on AI

Did you know that the market for self-driving vehicles will be 127 billion dollars by 2027? Behind such a big industry – AI is the backbone. For such vehicles to become a reality, AI is crucial. NVIDIA even made its system, the Drive PX Pegasus, to make this dream come true. Self-driving cars have this company’s GPUs and AI to do this.

Makes connected homes better

Thinking how AI will come into your home? The truth is, you may regularly use it. I am talking about Alexa and Google Assistant. That’s right; they are AI to make your homes and your life better. Around 70 per cent of the market for smart speakers is due to Alexa.

Better recommendations

You can see this when you shop on Amazon. Jeff Bezos said that the recommendations given on the e-commerce site are from the matching learning systems. Also, AI can say which deals are good and what will influence a business. Surely, this is a huge deal for businesses.

AI processors

Right now, TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) is a processor that Alphabet created for AI. It can search, advertise, and make other services smarter. Plus, it enhances even cloud computing services. Overall, it has a market value of 411 billion dollars.

Legal concerns over AI

Even tech giants like Elon Musk from Tesla and others have repeatedly voiced their concerns over the dangers of AI to people. Also, they ask for some regulations to be present around this new upcoming technology to keep things in check. Also, many tech leaders have proposed to ban auto weapons that function using AI due to the harm that it can bring on everyone.

Chances of jobs to disappear

Many great people like Stephen Hawking believe that the rise of AI can reduce the number of jobs available for humans. Factory automation has already replaced the traditional way, which led to the loss of jobs. In the next 15 years, around 38 per cent of jobs in the US are vulnerable to this technology.

There is no doubt that AI is the next future for everyone. For further developments that the future holds, you still have to wait to know more. But you can be sure that Artificial Intelligence is a big help for everyone today and tomorrow.


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