Quick Fixes: Group Sonos speakers without the app



You want to play music on multiple Sonos speakers in your house, but your phone – and the Sonos app that normally controls everything – are out of reach.


Press and hold the play/pause button on an inactive Sonos speaker and it will automatically be grouped with the other speakers currently playing.


Being able to wrap your entire living space in music is one of the best things about owning a Sonos system. Whether you have speakers in every room or just a few strategically placed where they matter most, the flexibility to let your entire system play in harmony – or to route the sound from your TV to the Roam in your shower – is a huge convenience.

Some people assume that the Sonos app is the only way to group several speakers together and play music in multiple rooms. Sonos’ software is available for virtually every major platform, including Android, iOS, Windows PC, and Mac. And from June, you’ll be able to use Sonos Voice Control for that too, if you have one of the company’s smart speakers.

But it turns out you can group Sonos products without saying a word and even if your phone isn’t nearby. It can all be done using the built-in touch controls found on every Sonos speaker.


  • Find the Sonos speaker you want to group with others already playing audio
  • Press and hold the play/pause button. The Sonos device will automatically be grouped with the active speaker and begin playing the same audio.

Press and hold the Play/Pause button to automatically group Sonos speakers.

If you happen to have different audio will play on your Sonos speakers in different rooms, keep holding play/pause and the speaker will briefly cycle through the audio coming from each room. Release the button once your speakers group with the device or devices you want.

This shortcut can also be used to move music from room to room. Just pause a speaker, switch to another Sonos product, then press and hold play/pause to resume what you were listening to.


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