PayPal and Venmo will soon support Apple’s Tap to Pay technology for contactless payments


PayPal is going to make it easier for sellers in the US to make payments directly on their iPhones. The company is adding support for Apple’s Tap to Pay technology to its PayPal and Venmo iOS apps, meaning merchants can accept contactless credit or debit cards and mobile wallets without an external card reader (through MacRumors).

Apple first announced Tap to Pay in February. Integration with PayPal and Venmo apps could represent a significant step forward in the adoption of Apple’s touchless technology and could be helpful for merchants who don’t want to rely on third-party readers to accept contactless payments. It will also help PayPal compete with payment rival Square, which launched support for Tap to Pay in September.

Support will be added “soon” to PayPal and Venmo, PayPal said Thursday in its third-quarter 2022 earnings report (pdf). This isn’t PayPal’s only recent move to expand Venmo’s utility; Venmo is also added as a payment option on Amazon.