Most people can tweet again, but Twitter is still having problems


However, Twitter appears to be recovering from technical issues that prevented people from tweeting problems with DMsand access to TweetDeck still seems to persist. Reports Down detector that the problems started around 4:30 p.m. ET and that the unfettered ability to tweet returned about an hour and a half later.

The company said it is aware of the existing problems and is working to solve them.

Tweets were visible during the partial outage, but several Forget employees were notified that they had “exceeded the daily tweet sending limit” when they attempted to post or retweet someone else’s post. Some Twitter users said they could work around the bug by scheduling tweets in the future.

There are still some issues with the service. I can’t currently use Trusted DMs or Notifications, follow new accounts, or use TweetDeck. Going to shows a login button (it shouldn’t, given that I’m already logged into Twitter), and clicking it clears the screen before refreshing the page.

It’s currently unclear what caused the problems – reportedly even Twitter engineers aren’t sure yet what happened, according to The information. The report says that it has been suggested that a change caused web requests to be routed incorrectly. Musk reportedly sent an email to Twitter employees asking them to pause work on new features “in favor of maximizing system stability and robustness, especially with the Super Bowl approaching.”

This happens because Twitter is probably gearing up for a big change. Last week, the company announced it would largely turn off free access for its API starting tomorrow, and making changes to a core system could have unintended consequences. However, during the partial outage, the Twitter Dev account announced that the current free tier would go live until February 13. It also shared a few details about it

Update Wednesday, February 8, 6:27 PM ET: Updated to indicate that you can send tweets again.

Update Wednesday, February 8, 7:27 PM ET: Updated to add Twitter’s announcement about the free API tier and Musk’s request for Twitter employees to pause development.


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