Microsoft’s PC Manager is like CCleaner for your computer


Microsoft is working on a PC Manager app designed to improve your computer’s performance. Like CCleaner, a beta version of PC management from Microsoft includes storage management and the ability to quickly end tasks and control which apps start with Windows.

Much of this functionality is already baked into Windows, but this PC Manager app puts it all in one convenient location. There’s even a browser protection section that makes it easier to change default browsers than what exists in Windows now.

With this app you can easily switch your default browser.
Image: Tom Warren / The Verge

The storage manager feature includes the ability to manage apps or uninstall apps that are rarely used, and a full cleanup scan is also available or a scan to find large files on your drives. The Process Manager feature is a more simplified version of the Task Manager, allowing you to quickly kill processes that may be eating up RAM.

Pressing the main “boost” button clears temporary files and frees up memory, which can be useful on older PCs.

The PC Manager public beta has been released on a official Microsoft site, but the site is Chinese, which suggests that this app is designed for a very specific market. The app itself is designed for Windows 10 and above and is geared more towards low-spec laptops and PCs.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on PC Manager and plans for the app.


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