Recent statistics indicate the growing popularity of WordPress. At present more than 60% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. More and more website owners are now looking to html to wordpress conversion. Migrating to WordPress will improve a website’s performance and appeal, but it does not mean the existing HTML web page will be of no use.

HTML-based websites are quite powerful, but as per modern standards, they lack functionality. WordPress comes with a range of additional features along with innovative plug-ins that further improve usability.

Besides, managing WordPress webpages is relatively simpler than an HTML web page. Website owners can easily add or remove content without any coding knowledge. However, making changes to an HTML webpage requires comprehensive coding knowledge for updating any content. The following section of this article discusses ways of converting a static HTML page to WordPress.

Currently, there are several ways of converting an HTML website to WordPress, and each has its difficulty level.

Keeping the old HTML page design intact- Website owners can consider creating a WordPress theme from the existing static HTML site. It is one of the most difficult areas and involves a lot of coding. Copy-paste the old HTML code into multiple PHP files.

Changing the design while keeping the content– Website owners willing to change the existing website’s layout can take this approach. One needs to choose a WordPress theme and then migrate all the content to this location.

Using themes based on an existing theme-  It is one of the easiest ways o migrate website to wordpress. In this method, one needs to use a pre-existing WordPress theme and build a web page. It also gives the flexibility of integrating powerful WordPress plug-ins. 

Steps of Developing WordPress Theme Using Static HTML Site

Website owners willing to create a WordPress theme that resembles their existing HTML website from scratch can use this technique. Following are the conversion steps:

  • Creating a theme folder for storing basic files
  • Convert old website CSS as per WordPress styles sheet
  • Split the existing HTML website
  • Change this time according to WordPress format
  • Upload WordPress theme.

Changing the Design but Keeping the Content 

  • Installation of import plugin-2
  • Preparing the import
  • Starting the content import process

Using a Child Theme Based On an Existing Theme

  • Selection of a suitable theme
  • Installation of Chidify me
  • Customizing the parent theme
  • Converting the parent theme
  • Starting the content import process

Important Considerations before Migrating HTML Website to WordPress

Website owners must have a well-designed plan to ensure proper utilization of time and resources. It also facilitates faster migration of static HTML websites to WordPress. Following are some of the factors that one needs to consider in creating a migration plan.

Setting up WordPress Installation

The very first thing to consider is the installation of WordPress on the user’s system. Select whether to install WordPress with another directory or on a new domain.

Importing Website Content

After the WordPress installation is the complete import contents of HTML website to WordPress platform. To ensure proper execution of this step, consider the following factors

  • Selection of important tool for migrating web site contents
  • Volume of the content
  • Customizing the WordPress website design

After importing the WordPress content, the next most important step is customizing the website design. Website owners can also make necessary changes to the website design to enhance its functionality and appearance.

  • Some choose to use PSD for WordPress conversion and then add the necessary code in WordPress-compatible files.
  • One can also use prebuilt themes for the WordPress theme directory or other trusted sources.
  • Theme framework helps in customizing the look and feel of a website.

HTML to WordPress conversion is quite an extensive process, and the different methods make it all the more complex. Website owners with sufficient coding knowledge can choose to create a WordPress theme from scratch. However, it takes a lot of time and expertise to create a usable web page. Alternate ways of using WordPress plug-in are a lot more convenient for importing content to a WordPress web page.

Website owners looking forward to html to wordpress conversion must keep the factors mentioned above in mind. It will help them migrate their website to a WordPress theme and improve overall efficiency. Web page owners must ensure to test the final design before publishing it for the users. Testing the design and underlying code is essential for removing any errors in the final website. HTML to WordPress conversion enhances the visual aesthetics and gives the end-user a more usable platform for accessing the various functionalities. Website owners can also hire a professional web development company for conversion services.


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