Google’s foldable phone is reportedly delayed again


While the long-rumored Pixel Watch has finally arrived, there’s still no sign of Google’s mysterious foldable phone — and we probably won’t see it for another year. According to reports from korean industry site the Elec and supply chain analyst Ross Youngthrough Android Central), the release of Google’s rumored foldable phone has been delayed until next spring.

Google was originally expected to unveil the device in 2021, but that forecast was pushed back to Q4 2022. This most recent delay may explain why we didn’t see the device at Google I/O earlier this month in addition to the brief tease of a future Pixel tablet.

Sources with knowledge of the situation have reportedly told this the Elec that the release date of the phone has been postponed simply because it is not ready yet. Young corroborated these claims in a tweet, stating that he “heard from multiple sources in the supply chain that the Google foldable launch was being delayed until next spring,” but did not provide a reason why.

Previous leaks show that Google is experimenting with two designs for the device, called “Passport” and “Jumbojack” internal. While “Jumbojack” folds horizontally like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, “Passport” folds vertically like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. As noted by the Electhe foldable device could come with Samsung screens, with the Passport variant featuring a 7.57-inch screen on the inside and a 5.78-inch screen on the outside.

With Google focused on launching the highly anticipated Pixel Watch and Pixel 7, it seems even more unlikely that Google would decide to unveil the foldable phone at its Pixel event this fall.


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