Google is giving Pixel 7 Pro owners more control over macro mode


Google is updating its camera app to give Pixel 7 Pro users more control over macro mode by adding a toggle that lets them turn it on or off manually instead of having to rely on the automatic mode my colleague Allison Johnson described as “quite unpredictable. While the phone can still try to detect if you’re close enough to a subject as it has been since launch, it’s nice that there’s an actual menu for those who want finer control.

According to Allison’s testing, the new options live in the settings cog accessible in the top-left corner of the camera’s viewfinder. Google has added a “macro focus” option that lets you choose between off, auto mode, and on. According to 9to5Googlepreviously you could only temporarily disable it after it was activated.

Screenshot of the Google Camera app.

Macro focus is a new option in the camera settings.
Screenshot: Allison Johnson / The Verge

The change definitely makes sense; if Google is branding the Pixel 7 Pro as a phone for photo-obsessed power users, it should give those users as much control as they want it to be.


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