Gmail’s new search tweaks make sure you’re emailing the right person


Google is improving Gmail’s search results, which should make it easier to find a specific contact. It introduces ‘name and email intent agreement’, as well as new ‘personalized suggestions’.

Of letter of intent, a machine learning tool that Google uses to help you find topics related to your search, Gmail should refine your search results and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. When you do a search, Gmail now also displays email addresses and first names that match your search before show matching surnames. This should come in handy if you’re used to searching for contacts by their first name, as these results now appear at the top. Google previously promoted surnames that match your search instead of matching first names.

Finally, Gmail’s new personalized suggestions prioritize your search results based on how often you interact with someone. Now when you search for someone’s name or email address, you’ll see the contacts you correspond with most, rather than those you don’t know.

While these are fairly minor tweaks, they will likely provide a small productivity boost that should make it easier and faster to find the contact you’re looking for. Google has been working on improvements to all of its Workspace apps lately, and that includes a redesign of Gmail that it started pushing to users in June. It has also cleaned up the appearance of its calendar invites and launched a new option to reduce spam invites.


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