Glitch of Instagram Stories forces you to watch repeatedly


Instagram Stories seem to misbehave for some users, forcing them to rewatch all of someone’s stories before they can see new ones. The problem has had several consequences: roadside employees since yesterday, and some Reddit users have reported the same thing happens to them.

The main problem seems to be that Instagram doesn’t remember where you left off when viewing someone’s stories. For example, if one of my friends posted five stories and I view four of them before swiping away, the next time I tap their icon should see their fifth story. Instead, Instagram currently makes me go back through the four I’ve already seen each time I go to see the story. The problem also occurs when someone posts a new story to their feed.

It is currently unknown how many users are involved. There are a lot from people On Twitter reporting that they need to revisit stories, but Instagram isn’t trending like I’d expect if a major feature of it were broken for everyone. The company did not immediately respond to: The edge‘s request for comment on the bug, but we’ll keep you posted if this is the case or if the bug appears to be resolved.