Domino’s rolls out more than 800 electric Chevy Bolt pizza delivery trucks


Domino’s is getting ready to turn more than 800 fully electric pizza delivery vehicles have been put into operation in the coming months, starting with more than 100 rollouts in November. The company went with the compact Chevy Bolt EV and packaged the vehicles with custom branding, but no other bells and whistles — just combustion-free deliveries (via electricity).

Domino is getting a fleet of 855 new electric vehicles to be exact, and while that’s not enough to all 6,135 pizzerias in the US, it’s more than the Chevy Spark based (gas version) ones it built in 2015 with custom pizza warming oven doors. They were called the Domino’s DXP and only 155 were made. For the new Bolts, drivers will have to toss the HeatWave bags in the back seat just like any other car.

It's a regular Bolt, just put the HeatWave bag on the back seat.

It’s a regular Bolt, just put the HeatWave bag on the back seat.
Image: Dominoes

The Domino’s Bolts will be delivered from select franchise and corporate stores in the US. “Electric delivery vans make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve,” said a statement from Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner. The turnkey fleet could also help attract some new employees to Dominos: in some locations already offer vehicles for delivery drivers, a lot ask them to bring their own car.

Chevy Bolt EVs are capable of traveling 250 miles on a single charge, and since most stores only serve their local areas, the company believes each car can handle multiple delivery days without needing to be plugged in. GM has also slashed prices for the 2023 model to a starting price of $26,595, making it one of the most affordable EVs on the market – even if annoying dealer markings. Domino’s partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to handle procurement, maintenance and other logistics.

Dominoes has a website with a map where you can see when and where the new EV vans are or will be active. Surprisingly, none are yet operating in EV-heavy states like California, and none in Houston, where Domino’s currently employs self-driving Nuro delivery vehicles.


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