Logo design by Designhill is a shortcut to create spectacular designs with ease. While it is best to understand your client’s demands, research their company, and produce unique and professional logos from scratch, that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of free logo design out there. 

Logo design can help you create designs that stand out and make an impression. Moreover, they are perfect for newbie designers who are looking for inspiration. Being a beginner, you might want free logo design that you can try out. So, here are the top 10 best free logo design for beginners in 2022- 

1. Designhill Logo Design

If you are looking for the best logo design that creates amazing designs for free, Designhill Logo design is your destination. This platform does not allow you to get bored while looking at thousands of template designs and end up choosing nothing. With Designhill, you can escape from this charade and create logos with much more ease. 

First, you need to enter details about your business like company name, industry, and slogan of the company. Next, the platform asks for your color preferences, icons, or symbols if you wish to add to the logo design. Once you have completed all the steps, the AI-powered logo design will create logo designs based on your preferences. Now, you can select the one that appeals to you and customize it if you like. 

2. Canva Logo design

Canva is not just a free logo design, there are plenty of services that this platform has to offer. You can create brochures, Instagram stories, Facebook cover pages, business cards, logo design, and much more. 

Canva logo design is equipped with plenty of template designs to create a wide variety of logo designs. No matter what industry you are in, there will be something for you here. You can design logos with Canva in as little as 5 minutes. After the selection of templates, you can use Canva’s customization tools to decorate as per your wish. You can download your designs in png, jpeg, or pdf formats for free. 

3. Tailor Brands Logo design

If you are tired of scrolling through hundreds of template designs then this AI-powered logo generator will be heaven for you. Unlike other tools, Tailor brands logo design asks you your business name and description of what it does. Also, you get to select between an icon, text, or initial-based logo design. 

Tailor brands’ logo generator then creates unique logo designs for your business. You can download low-resolution files for free if you are happy with your designs. You can pay and get high-resolution files. This platform is much more than just a logo design, it is a one-stop-shop to start and run your business. You can create merchandise, logos, business cards, maintain social media platforms, and much more. 

4. Ucraft Logo design   

Ucraft logo make has enough tools and features to help you design splendid logos for your business. This platform is a vector editor that offers you a huge selection of icons to create a logo design. Along with this, there is plenty of variety of text, shapes, colors to create spectacular designs for free.

You can let your creativity run wild and do the job of creating unique and magnificent logos. This platform does not spoon-feeding with pre-designed templates. You can download your finished logo design as a 600px PNG for free. For scalable SVG logos, the platform charges $12. 

5. Logo Maker 

Our next option on the list of free logo generator is Logo Makr. It is a slightly sophisticated free logo design and vector editor which is great for newbie designers. There are similar tools available as Ucraft in this tool. However, this tool has a much more friendly interface along with more design options. 

With this tool, select a suitable icon and you can add text, alter shape elements and create beautiful logo designs. The free version of the Logo Makr tool offers you 300px PNG designs. If you wish to get larger designs in SVG and PDF formats, you need to pay $19. 

6. DesignEvo Free Logo design

Next, DesignEvo is another logo design equipped with thousands of template designs to create spectacular logo designs in minutes. There are over 6000 templates available in DesignEvo to be precise. 

You can quickly select a template design that wins your heart and then begin designing your own logo on it. You can customize elements of the logo template like fonts, colors, text, symbols, size, layouts, etc from the template to create the desired design. After being done with your design, you can download the free low-resolution logo but for scalable vector versions, prices begin at $24.99. 

7. Mark Maker

Mark maker is one of the best free logo design tools which uses a simple and clever approach to create the perfect logo design. First, type the company name and the tool will bring some suggestions for you to click on. This allows you to create designs that fit into the industry of business. 

Have a look at the template designs and select what appeals the most to you. The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting a template is the business industry. Take time and figure out what works best for your client’s industry and choose. After selection, you can easily edit and customize font, layout, text, colors, and much more. In the end, download PNG or SVG formats for free. 

8. Hatchful 

Hatchful is one of the easiest logo design to handle and is one of the best for beginners. The process of making your logo design is quite simple. First of all, feed a few important details about your business and industry then decide the logo style and its use. The logo generator will generate designs on the basis of your detailed input.

Once you find something that catches your eye, select that template and customize it. You can change the font, text size, color palette, icon, layout, etc on the template. However, the permission to customize might be limited. After completion of the design, you can download the logo design in almost every format required.  

9. Shopify Free Logo Generator

Another free logo design on our list is the Shopify logo generator. It is great for those who wish to create a Shopify store. As a beginner designer, you can try out this platform and explore your options. It is best to know all your options and then select what fits you the most. 

This logo design has loads of different fonts, icons, symbols, and frames that can be used to create beautiful logo designs. But first, you need to enter the business name. Then select icons or fonts of your choice. After that, you can adjust colors and sizes to design attractive logos. 

10. Zyro Free Logo design

With this logo design, you can bring creative designs in your mind into reality.  The best thing about this app is that it is totally free of cost and you can download designs easily after completion. 

There are three simple steps to create amazing logos, pick a starter logo, choose a color and then choose a shape. After this, you can alter the logo as many times as you want to get the best. The simplicity of this logo makes it stand out and even beginners can easily create logo designs in minutes.


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