Ash Ketchum is finally the very best


The day has finally come: famed Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum is the very best. The moment, 25 seasons in the making, happened earlier this morning in the latest episode of the Netflix series Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, when Ash won the “Masters Eight Tournament of the Pokémon World Coronation Series,” making him the best trainer in the world. The episode first aired in Japan and will come to the rest of the world “in the future.”

As fans of the pokemon Animated series already know, being the very best, like no one ever was, has always been the goal for Ash and his friend Pikachu since the show debuted in 1997. Look how happy he looks with that trophy. If nothing else, victory is a great lesson in perseverance. There’s currently no word on Ash’s plans for post-retirement — other than time travel.