Airdrop App Makes MacBook Notch Useful


Most people are more or less over the iPhone’s display notch, the once-controversial design element introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. But feelings are rawer when it comes to the notch of the MacBook Pro, which is only a notch from its own senior year. At least until you see how useful it can be thanks to a app under development by Ian Keenwhich tries to turn the missing piece of screen into a feature that makes AirDropping files easier.

In a video posted on Twitter, the developer demonstrates how the app causes the notch to blink when the user drags AirDrop-compatible files. The idea is that these can then be dragged and dropped onto the notch itself, which will open a traditional AirDrop panel showing devices within range to which the files can be sent. It’s a handy shortcut compared to Apple’s Official Approachwhich usually involves opening a file and navigating to the Share menu, Control-clicking the file, or navigating to the dedicated AirDrop section in Finder.

Keen’s app isn’t publicly available yet, but the developer says it hopes to have a limited version available on TestFlight the next few days† While it’s designed to work on notched MacBooks, he says it should work on notch-less Macs too.


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