The healthcare industry has been using outdated solutions to tackle modern problems for too long. With paper prescriptions and inefficient workflows, the workload for doctors is unnecessarily high, and the patient experience offered needs a serious upgrade. 

If this wasn’t enough, we are now amid a national substance abuse crisis, and these outdated solutions have got to go. In 2017, more than 47,000 people died from an overdose, and 36% of those deaths involved prescription opioids. 

EPCS, PDMPs, and ERX software offers an effective strategy to prevent overprescribing, prescription forgery, doctor shopping, and more. It even improves the time used to fill out and sort prescriptions making it 600% faster than when manually done. 

You’re likely wondering – What is ERX software? And how exactly does it help? Well, you’re in luck! This blog will answer such questions, so if your curiosity is piqued, read on.


What is ERX Software?

Also known as Electronic Prescription Systems, ERX was primarily designed for the secure transmission of E-Prescriptions of Controlled Substances (EPCS). 

This highly customizable software is used to find and select medications and digitally create and send prescriptions. With HIPAA-compliant customizations, this software solution can prevent medication errors, increase visibility, streamline workflows, and automate clinical decision support, all of which benefits doctors, pharmacists, medical staff, and most importantly, patients.

Benefits of ERX Software

  • EPCS Mandates

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) eliminates the need for paper prescriptions while providing the option to quickly receive, dispense, and store e-prescriptions.

A vital tool in the war against medication abuse and overdoses, 99% of prescriptions for controlled substances are now made electronically. Allowing for controlled substances to be digitized and trackable. 

With this, healthcare systems can flag patients who fail to fill prescriptions on time or are eligible for switching to a less expensive alternative.

  • Doctor Shopping

A flaw currently being exploited by patients is the inability to check whether they have picked up their prescription from another provider. Patients use this to ‘doctor shop’ and cultivate quite a collection of medications.

In 2008 alone, 1 out of every 43 patients received multiple opioid prescriptions by deceiving pharmacists! This is an astonishing feat of fraud. Research has also estimated that every $1 of fraudulent medication claims incurs an additional $41 spent on related medical claims. 

But with ERX software in place, an electronic prescribing method (with built-in features to prevent abuse) is offered. 

Doctors can communicate directly with pharmacies with electronic prescriptions, so checking a patient’s medical history is effortless. They can even see their history of prescribed medication and access their PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) status.

Doctor shopping is made quite literally impossible. Talk about an effective solution.

  • Adverse Drug Events (ADE)

The harm caused by appropriate and inappropriate medication can have a lifetime effect on patients and a healthcare organization’s reputation. 

With ERX software, a front-end e-prescribing module is offered. This allows easy access to electronic medical records, offering healthcare professionals information about patients and their medication.

  • Benefit Verification

Today’s outdated healthcare systems utilize static formulary and benefit files that don’t describe specific patient benefits and cost-shares. Instead, it only offers a snapshot of their benefits from a particular time frame. 

To top it off, insurance plans do not always match formulary plans such as HMO and carveouts, leading to incorrect data. 

But an ERX integration will upgrade this to a whole new standard. Not only does it lower the chances of prescription abandonment, but it also expedites progression to therapy as prescription delays and claim denials are reduced. 

  • Medication Adherence

Adhering to prescription instructions can get confusing, especially when a patient takes multiple prescription medications daily. Remembering how to take each one and how certain ones react to each other is a lot to keep track of. 

Fortunately, a custom ERX solution allows patients to track their medications easily. Finally, patients can trust and rely on the system for a predictable and organized service. Even doctors and pharmacists are privy to this feature for effortless tracking. 

Offering the convenience of a platform that supports better communication, it’s no wonder that recent studies have found that patients are more likely to comply with their medication regime when using ERX software. 

  • Unfilled/Lost Prescriptions

Paper prescriptions have multiple drawbacks, specifically their ability to be lost, stolen, or damaged. And even then, a long wait at the pharmacy is guaranteed for processing them.

It’s no wonder that a survey found that 80% of patients prefer e-prescriptions – the efficiency and reliability of custom ERX software means that patients can trust that their electronic prescriptions are ready for them to collect as soon as they visit a pharmacy. 

A Custom Advantage

From what this blog has shown so far, ERX looks like the ultimate solution to paper prescriptions and patient-prescription misuse. But this can be upgraded even further with a custom strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

Formulary Checking 

This formulary lists related medications that offer similar effects but at lower costs, ideal for low-income patients. For example, when a patient has a specific insurance company that only approves certain medications, this list will have to be factored into the pharmacy’s list to cross-match and see what medications a patient is eligible for.

Formulary checking will also provide recommended dosage, side effects, and possible copays. Ensuring an informed and accurate treatment.

Effective Adverse Drug Interaction/Event Alerts 

With these custom alerts, doctors can look up what medications a patient is currently on and how any newly prescribed medication may interact with what they’re already on. Helping doctors make an accurate and informed decision about the safest medication to prescribe a patient. 

Medication Decision Assistance 

Decision support systems reduce prescription errors by 66%. And when custom paired with adverse drug interaction alerts, it offers effective prevention against medication misuse. 

By collecting and storing experience and evidence, doctors have access to a detailed history of healthcare data that helps them make more informed decisions.

EHR and ERX providers can benefit significantly from e-prescription developers who can bring new tools and experience to building a custom healthcare workflow solution. 

Implementing a custom ERX shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming, and with the right software vendor, it won’t be. A reputable development team will work seamlessly with in-house teams to develop this high-demand solution. 

Putting Patients First

Adopting an electronic prescription system with custom ERX software can transform how healthcare professionals work. Not only will it prevent serious issues such as doctor shopping, but it will also make a world of difference for patients.

The need for real solutions is upon us, and to give you some awe-worthy figures – E-prescribing can help save an astonishing $240 billion in healthcare costs related to substance abuse. 

Yep, you read that right – $240 billion!

Growing in demand, custom ERX software saves prescribers and behavioral doctors time that would have been spent on the slow, repetitive, and manual practice of filing out physical prescriptions. (It can even be integrated with medical records and comply with private, state, and federal mandates).

It’s a high priority for healthcare providers to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow; after all, it’s the heart of their operation. And this is why custom solutions are being considered.


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