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Here’s a look at just some of the ways budding founders can learn to build, grow, and fund their startups at Disrupt October 18-20 in San Francisco. Word to the budget-wise: Don’t miss out on early bird savings.

Buy your early bird pass before prices go up July 31 at 11:59 PM PT and save up to $1,300.

Let’s kick off the Disrupt opportun-a-palooza with a time-sensitive reminder to: apply to the Startup Battlefield 200 (SBF 200) by July 31 at 11:59 PM PT. If you continue, you’ll get a free VIP experience packed with perks and opportunities, including the chance to compete for the Startup Battlefield title and the $100,000 prize. See everything the founders of SBF 200 receive and apply today at the SBF 200!

How-to in the phase

Here are just two of the how-tos founders can learn from startup execs and investors in the stage.

Raising First Dollar in a Tougher Market: The Enterprise Perspective with Annie Case (Kleiner Perkins) and Sheel Mohnot (Better Tomorrow Ventures): It is now clear that the venture market has changed this year. This means that founders looking to raise their first capital cannot follow last year’s playbook and expect results. So what do founders need to know and how can they grab the attention of investors in a market where the rules are changing?

How to get your hands on those hard-to-find collaborators with Chris Herd (Firstbase), Kate Ryder (Maven), and Emil Yeargin (Gusto): Hiring is not easy, even in the best of times. With a tight market for tech talent and an increasingly remote-friendly—and therefore globally competitive—business landscape, founders have never had so many places to rent from and more competitors to compete against. Today, with the three, we’re going to take a deep dive into hiring, with a special focus on difficult-to-fill positions.


Here are just two of our 25 roundtable topics. These 30-minute expert-led discussions encourage in-depth conversation and connection with up to 20 participants.

My daughter the cyborg: The marriage of man and machine is the next great technological frontier, and for Jeremiah Robison, founder of CIONIC, a bionic clothing company that is revolutionizing human augmentation, his mission is driven by his daughter’s mobility impairment. Participants will learn where to start when innovating at the intersection of humans and machines, how to scale a product that has never existed before, and a glimpse into the future of enhanced human mobility.

Making business more accessible: Despite press releases, sound bites and increased awareness around the inequalities in venture capital funding, many barriers remain for women – and POC-led startups seeking funding – and those hoping to work at a VC firm. Record numbers of VCs have expressed intent to support underrepresented founders, but VC remains an exclusive insider club. Participants discuss steps for change, the best ways to explore opportunities and provide a roadmap for investing in diversity.

Networking capabilities

Tap the app: Disrupt is the perfect place to find and connect with passionate, focused people who can help you meet your specific business needs and goals, and we’ve got the perfect networking tool for you. The event app puts networking in the palm of your hand.

Based on information you provide during registration, the app can search the participant list for suitable candidates, make suggestions and send invitations at your request. We open the app weeks before the show starts. Find the people you want to meet and prepare your RSVPs ahead of time.

Do you prefer your ad hoc networking style? Use the events app to instantly set up meetings when you see a hot prospect at Disrupt.

Network speed: Take advantage of another way to connect with other participants. When the calendar posts, add the network breaks to your events app schedule. During Disrupt, you will be randomly matched with other participants for three-minute conversations – based on mutual interest in predetermined topics. It’s a fun way to assess the potential of opportunities without a major investment of time.

Dinners for 6: A tasty way to meet potential investors, clients or other founders. You will be given the option to sign up to dine out at a local restaurant with five other Disrupt participants. Good food and relaxed conversation can lead to great opportunities. Attention and wallet out: Dinners for 6 is a strictly Dutch treat.

That’s just one example of what you can experience at Disrupt on October 18-20. Buy your pass before prices go up July 31 at 11:59 PM PT and save up to $1,300.

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