Venture investors shrug their shoulders over proposed changes to US interest tax –


A compromise in Congress Forms among Democrats to tinker with the tax code, generate revenue in other ways, and use that revenue for investments related to climate change and deficit reduction. The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022when it passes, would institute a minimum tax rate for large companies and closing the loopholes in the carry rate. examined the climate-related provisions in the bill separately, giving us room to talk about proposed changes to interest rates, an amendment to our country’s tax law that could affect venture capitalists and other startup financiers. The obvious question is whether the change will have a material impact on how capital is invested in startups; if the tax code change is unfavorable to investors, it could limit investments in startups that were previously tax-favorable.

So will it? early public comments from venture capitalists indicate that the change is not That big of a deal. Let’s talk about what’s changing and what venture capitalists are saying – at least out loud.


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