Use shopper-generated content to personalize emails to drive more sales –


Early 2020 saw commerce is transforming as people were forced to switch to online shopping. But the trend had already started; the pandemic has only accelerated it.

The acceleration is real: Ecommerce is expected to generate more than $7 trillion by 2025, accounting for more than 24% of total global retail sales.

For retailers, such growth means customer relationship management (CRM) data and email will play an even greater role in the buyer journey. Brands understand the importance of building relationships with their customers. These connections increase awareness and increase the result. However, creating and expanding those connections relies on collecting actionable data to develop personalized email strategies that engage customers.

There is no magic solution to personalizing individual shopper or subscriber experiences. What sets the most effective companies apart from their competition is how marketing teams focus their efforts and put the data to work to deliver exceptional brand experiences.

Your CRM data contains a wealth of information for recommending products to complement past purchases or add-on items.


Best sellers in the spotlight

What elevates one product over another? Sometimes it’s the style or color, or something that an influencer highlights on social media. Shine a light on your most purchased products? Examine the data first to identify them – it could be the best-selling products overall or the top performers. Then show them in your emails.

This approach works well for customers looking for something popular. Infuse your email with inspirational messages to improve product discoverability and generate interest by recommending shopping cart additions and telling your customers what’s hot.

This message style can also be used to create a sense of urgency with phrases like “Almost gone!” or “Only a few left!” Use your data feed to mark only available items and verify prices for accuracy.

Show your most viewed products

Do you want a quick solution to add value to your communication? My your data to discover your most viewed products. You can break down that data in even more detail by layering shopper data. This strategy generates interest, attracts more subscribers to your site, and improves the purchase potential of their products.