Making hormonal health care more accessible –


Kindly His’ Home Semen Test Kit

Hormonal health care can be intimidating because it touches the most intimate parts of our lives. Friendly wants to make it accessible to more people, with a combination of home diagnostic tests (including sperm tests and tests for polycystic ovary syndrome), telehealth consultations and supplements.

The Bangalore-based startup, which has ambitions to expand into global markets, announced today that it has raised a $3.25 million seed round from investors including Y Combinator, Olive Tree, Soma, Goodwater and Gaingels.

Kindly has two product lines, KindlyHis and KindlyHers. KindlyHers will launch a predictive PCOS test that can help women diagnose and manage PCOS. It also sells routine lab work for PCOS profiling and STD diagnosis. KindlyHis sperm tests allow users to take the test at home and then send it to a testing center for diagnosis.

Kindly was founded in 2020 by Nilay Mehrotra, the CEO, and formerly known as Mehrotra told that before joining Y Combinator’s winter 2022 cohort, Kindly focused on fertility, specifically building a B2B tool for IVF clinics that would help them select the right embryo.

“But as we started to better understand the market and our customers, we realized that the problem was indeed much bigger and that we needed to focus on lifestyle disorders,” he said. “We realized that testing and diagnosing sperm at home had a much bigger use case than just fertility and we didn’t want to limit ourselves to that.”

Since its launch a month ago, Mehrotra said its revenue growth is 30% monthly and the company expects to reach $1 million in revenue by year-end.

Mehrotra says the market opportunity in India for lifestyle disorders, sexual performance and hormonal wellness is $8 billion, based on the startup’s findings that 130 million people in India spend about $60 on sexual wellness and performance products.

Going forward, Kindly will also focus on more wellness categories and expand its product portfolio to include eczema, psoriasis and gut health. The goal is to get 130 million users and it plans to launch an app in a few months.


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