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Insightful analysis helps technical teams stop issues before they happen, such as slow release cycles, bottlenecks, and uneven workload balancing that can lead to employee burnout. The San Francisco and Hyderabad-based startup announced today that it has raised $1 million led by Together Fund, which it will use to grow its product, engineering and marketing teams.

Founded in 2022, Insightly’s target users are chief technology officers and engineering vice presidents who want to analyze their DevOps research and assessment to help make decisions and identify the root causes of issues that could potentially lead to reduced revenue, productivity or employee turnover. .

Sudheer Bandaru, founder and CEO of Insightly, told that Insightly currently has six-figure sales and has a number of unicorns and public companies in its customer pipeline that could potentially climb to $1 million in annual recurring revenue in the coming months. The user base includes a total of 12,000 engineers, including teams in the US, India, Kenya and Israel. The platform can be scaled to the size of the business and customers range from 50-person technical teams to multi-billion dollar organizations with more than 800 engineers.

Before founding Insightly, Bandaru worked at organizations such as AT&T, Merrill Lynch and Hewlett-Packard. He then moved on to a position as technical director at a publisher of information-resource websites, which was later acquired by Bankrate. It was in that job, and during his next role as founder of recruitment platform Shortlist Professionals, where Bandaru says he learned the pain points of managing diverse tech teams across countries and continents. These challenges were exacerbated by the transition to remote working during the pandemic.

“There was little to no way for organizations to objectively see how efficient their engineers were,” he said.

As a result, Bandaru started hacking together a solution with data-driven insights to use with Shortlist Professionals. As he began to gain interest from leaders of major tech organizations, he realized his hack could be more than a side project. Bandaru notes a report from Stripe that says $300 billion a year is wasted globally on software development inefficiencies, even though 96% of tech leaders say improving tech productivity is their top priority.

He adds that many technical leaders try to assess productivity with analytics from Git and Jira, but those processes are manual and time-consuming. Insightly is designed to automate the data collection process to accelerate software development, find bottlenecks, and understand workload distribution. Integrating Insightly takes about five minutes, is no code and instantly aggregates three months of historical data.

Insightly works by getting data and statistics from Git and Jita. Bandaru says his insights can help teams release products faster by spotting bottlenecks and distributing workload more evenly to prevent technician burnout. It also maps business results with technical efforts, helps teams decide whether to rework a version or do new work, detect bugs and help reduce technical debt by displaying metrics such as maintenance rates to help teams address the most pressing issue to tackle first.

The cockpit of Insightly

Some use cases include a multi-billion dollar organization with nearly 1,000 engineers who found that most of their engineering teams were stuck for three to four days out of five due to team structure and release dependencies by leveraging Insightly’s release cycle metrics and work distribution. Sendy, a Kenya-based logistics company with fewer than 100 engineers, found that the reason for the employee turnover was burnout because of an uneven workload, which business leaders were not aware of because people were working remotely. Meanwhile, a customer realized that the amount of time spent maintaining legacy applications was more than building new features as engineers left during the Great Resignation. New engineers had no choice but to keep their old code. Understanding this problem allowed the company’s CTO to withdraw low-yield products from the market and build new products instead.

Insightly allows for level customization, including squad-level team creation, geographic locations, tech stack, and business units. For example, Bandaru said one of the clients found that a team with more reviewers in Latin America, and the rest of the team in the US, had slower release cycles compared to teams all based in the same time zone.

Two of Insightly’s competitors are Jellyfish and Bandaru said Insightly differentiates itself by not only showing analytics, but why they happen, and providing context to every metric and data point.


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