How Olive turned 27 times on its way to a 4 billion dollar valuation –


Olive is a homegrown unicorn from Columbus, Ohio; hear from the CEO and lead investor about how the company was founded and grew into an industry leader.

Sean Lane co-founded Olive in 2012 and signed to Chris Olsen of Capital drive as the company’s first investors. Now, nearly a decade later, Olive has raised $856.3 million to become a driving force in the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare. But the road to the company’s success was not a straight line. As CEO Sean Lane explains about this special Live event, the company flipped 27 times before finding its current product market.

Lane explains the strategy behind changing the direction of a company and the emotional effort it takes from everyone involved — from employees to executives to investors.

Missed event? View the rest of the panels here.


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