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Start-up EV manufacturer Drako Motors today previewed the successor to its $1.25 million Drako GTE: the 2,000 horsepower Drako Dragon Super SUV.

The San Jose, California-based automaker said the Dragon accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds using the company’s internal DriveOS Quad Motor Powertrain and DriveOS vehicle architecture. Individual torque control and a three-stage suspension make the Dragon “feel less like a car and more like a spaceship,” according to the company.

Drake Dragon

Drake Dragon. Image Credits: Drako Motors

Little is known about the Dragon’s price, delivery date or electric range.

“Drako does not disclose production and delivery numbers,” a company spokesperson told gotechbusiness.com. He added that the Dragon will be “competitively priced” for the Super SUV market, strongly suggesting that the Drako Dragon Super SUV will be significantly cheaper than the limited-production Drako GTE supercar.”

Tesla, Polestar and other EV manufacturers big and small launched their start on creating an expensive limited-production halo car that would generate the profits to produce a mass-market EV. But it’s not clear whether this strategy is part of Drako’s playbook. “Drako is not commenting on future products at this time,” the spokesperson said.

The company declined to say whether all 25 Drako GTE supercars it produced have been sold and delivered to customers. His unknown history of achievement raises the challenge of selling a sophomore name tag.

Drake Dragon

Drake Dragon. Image Credits: Drako Motors

“With no branding or pedigree to fall back on,” said Snow Bull Capital analyst Jack Shea, “Drako will have to beat its competitors across all performance, price and luxury metrics to stand a chance of being in this segment. compete.”

Entering the Super SUV segment early could help Drako gain a foothold in a fast-growing category. Ferrari will launch its first SUV in 2023, but will not launch an EV until 2025. Rimac is learning to build hypercar EVs, starting with its $2.4 million, 1,914 horsepower Rimac Nevera. Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini run profitable SUV divisions with a view to electrification.

“Bentley, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini all had record deliveries last year, mainly due to strong demand for each company’s respective SUV,” said Shea. “Drako would be the first true high-end performance electric SUV in this segment, and these SUVs have huge margins that fill the bottom lines.”

The company said the Dragon will make its public debut later this year “with vehicle reservations opening soon.”

Drake Dragon

Drake Dragon. Image Credits: Drako Motors


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