With the efficiency of the internet and cloud identification systems, the government is making everything much easier. Hiring new employees for your company doesn’t fall short of these privileges.

You have a new interviewee coming today, all you need is a name, and you can get access to all of their records. Or, sometimes, even an employee can volunteer to present their records.

This is to avoid any miscommunication later in the employment period and accusations of concealing sensitive facts. Out of all these sensitive facts, one could be past criminal charges.

Even a withdrawn or dismissed person can show up in the police records. According to Missouri Criminal Law, the key is to not take them lightly.

So, what should you do when a good potential candidate with just the right experience has a past criminal record showing?

Sometimes, it is easy to dismiss the candidate if they are no good. However, when it comes to the candidates who will do good in the company, that is when the complications arise.

Here Is What You Should Do

Suppose you are planning on hiring someone with a past criminal record. Here is what you need to do beforehand.

1. Hire An Attorney

If this is a candidate which you do not want to let go of, but at the same time, you do not wish to make a hasty decision. You should immediately hire an attorney. According to the Missouri Criminal Law, every employee, before employment, has to go through a background check.

There is no one better to get these background checks done but an attorney. They are trained to investigate someone’s background and choose just the right procedure to collect correct evidence.

2. Treat Each Record Separately

You cannot treat every person who came with a criminal charge as the same. Some can come here with a DWI, while others could be a sexual assault.

Evaluate whether the criminal cases were dismissed, or did they serve punishment and whether they have any resemblance with the work that they will be proceeding with.

3. Talk To Other Employees

It is not just the decision of the executive board because the employees might not be willing to work in close proximity to this person. There could be a plethora of reasons, and one of them is feeling threatened.

So, before you hire this person, have a discussion with your employee and then make any decision.

4. Amount Of Time Since Conviction

Has it been years since their conviction?


Is it fairly recent?

These time limits play a very important role in understanding the candidate. You can even analyze their efforts to redeem themselves and whether they are ready to bring sound judgment and moral ethics to the company.

5. The Power Of Probation Period

You do not have to hire them indefinitely. Sit with your attorney and create a contract just for them. Give them strict conditions and keep an eye on them before you hire them as a full-time employee.

Plus, according to Missouri Criminal Law, if you witness anything suspicious during probation time, you will have every right to dismiss them.

Should You Hire The Candidate?

When you are asking this question, there is some information that is a must-have.

First, it is important to know what kind of criminal offense they were accused of. If it was something like DWI for their past record of addiction, then there is a possibility that they have redeemed themselves.

Second, was it something even more serious like criminal cases like a sexual assault, then further investigation is required.

Third, even if the accusation was false, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Try to be in possession of all the facts if required. This will only help you to make a decision that you do not regret later.

We are not saying that hiring someone with a past criminal record is a record. Yes, they have redeemed themselves, and the criminal record shown is too old. However, making a hasty decision because you need the manpower is like sailing perilously towards the wind.


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