Sewing at home and sewing machines for industrial purposes can be two different things. Sewing machines at home are different from those in the industries. Sewing machines at home are smaller because there is not much sewing that one is to do at home, whereas in industries, sewing is to be done at a large scale, and small sewing machines can be very time-consuming. This is why there are unique and more efficient industrial sewing machines.

There are various types of sewing machines used in industries, some of which work specifically for some stitches and hems. Usage of this machine enables long hours of work, less hassle, faster work, easy to work with complex fabrics, etc.


  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine: This type of machine helps do lock stitches which are formed with one bobbin and one needle thread. This is the most commonly used machine. This machine can sew the fabric of any material and is usually used for joining multiple fabrics together. Basic designed ones to computer operable ones, both types are available. People opt for computer operable ones as it is more convenient to use and saves time.
  •  Flatlock Sewing Machine: This is a cover stitch sewing machine with two to three needles. This is usually used to decorate any part of the fabric and hemming for sleeves.
  •  Button Attaching Machine: This machine is used explicitly for sewing buttons in an outfit. Buttons of any size can be sewed by changing the settings of the device.
  •  Overlock Sewing Machine: This machine comes with different threads and is used for overedge stitch and surging garment panels.
  •  The Arm feed has two needle threads that form chain stitches and are used for felting and flat seam.
  •  Zigzag sewing machine: Other than regular stitches, patterned stitches are also used to make the garment look more beautiful. Zigzag is one such type of sewing which is most popularly used in jackets and bras.
  •  Buttonhole machine: This type of machine is used for making holes for buttons in different garments like t-shirts, trousers, etc.
  •  Double-needle lock stitch machine: This is a time-saving machine when two stitches are made side by side. This allows one to make stitches side by side at the same time.
  •  Bartack machine: This machine enables one to make garments and seam components.
  •  Multi-needle chain stitch machine: This type of machine is used for pin-tuck and smocking operations.

One can purchase their sewing machine from so many places, but buying from a trustworthy and reliable brand is a must because machines in industries will not be changed on and off, plus a good machine can last for years and be better in quality. Elizabeth Machine Company is one of them, which sells high-quality sewing machines for industrial purposes in Australia. They have machines catering for all textile manufacturing processes with different types of machines from multiple brands. Being a smart buyer is a must!

To be honest, the industrial sewing machine is one of the most ingenious and most functional inventions during the Industrial Revolution. It is a fine example of how the needs of society change over time. With the increasing technology and importance of time, it has become necessary for rapid production and utilising time wisely. This is one of them that helps the designers or tailors to save their time since they have so much to do!


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