10 Types of Photography You Should Know


Photography covers a wide range of themes. As a result, there are hundreds of types to consider and experiment with. These photographic niches also clarify a photographer’s personality and taste. The equipment required for various types of photography varies as well.

 If you’re a budding filmmaker or a casual videographer, you’ll want to invest in professional video cameras. Of course, asking an expert which camera is the best would yield a different answer each time. After all, it all depends on the type of video you want to make, your budget, and the features you need.

There are countless ways to capture photographs that tell a story. Whether you want to start a photography business or make it a hobby, you need to know the right photography style. But where do you start? 

Read on to discover the different types of photography you can pursue.

Capture the Natural World

If you’re interested in taking photos of the natural world, you’re in the right place. But before you start snapping away, here’s a quick primer on what type of photography best suits you.

1. Landscape Photography

An image that captures the spirit of the outdoors is a landscape shot. It gives off the impression that you are witnessing something extraordinary. Your artwork should make people’s hearts leap when they see it. You want your viewers to experience the same feelings that you did as you stood in the heart of nature.

For that reason, you’ll need to switch from your smartphone to achieve the best results. Invest in the best video camera and landscape lenses. Professional video cameras allow you to capture a bird’s-eye view of landscapes. This will add depth to your pictures. For better amateur film production, you could also use a consumer 4K camcorder.

2. Astrophotography

Source: Pexels

The subject of astrophotography is the sky. You can photograph the starry night sky or astronomical objects and events. This includes comets, asteroids, the Northern Lights, and eclipses. Moreover, it involves going to their locations and staying up all night to capture them.

To capture the night sky, you’ll need the best video cameras, wide lenses, and a sturdy tripod. Because most images need lengthy exposures, you should stabilize and level the camera. You should also learn to focus it manually. Last, you should take into account the exact camera settings and even the rotation of the Earth.

Take Pictures of Cityscapes and Structures

Photographing man-made structures can be either artistic or commercial. Professionals make money in all areas of photography. And presenting buildings in the best light varies depending on your goal.

3. Architectural Photography

For a steady stream of projects, you should consider architecture photography. Architects and surveyors both use architectural photography. You can see it in magazines and advertisements. 

Architectural photographers invest in their equipment. This set includes a high-quality tripod, a panorama head, and a bubble level. A good 4K camera like the Sony 4K camera meets different shooting requirements with high-quality imaging capabilities.

4. Drone Photography

Different photographers also use drones to photograph their subjects from above. This way, you can capture wide shots to reveal unique perspectives on a subject. It is also boosted by technological advancements. 

To get started, you’ll need specialized equipment and a lot of practice. It helps to have technical and compositional photography skills. But the key skill you need for this type of photography is how to control the drone.

Collaborate With Others

From fashion photography to personal portraits, these types of photography are ideal for aiming at people. These are some of the most common photographic styles that involve people.

5. Portrait Photography

A great portrait is more than a nice portrait of someone. The charm of portrait photography is that you can highlight your subject’s personality. You can do this through poses, close-ups, and compelling expressions. Learn more about portrait lighting, and sitting and standing poses for your subjects. These skills help you improve your shots.

Use a digital video camera for behind-the-scenes footage or commercial video. But make sure it supports 4K video recording and has a built-in frame capture option. This will allow you to freeze videos and save high-quality photos.

6. Sports Photography

The goal of sports photography is to capture the action on the field, track, or pitch. And getting all these things in a single shot requires a great deal of skill. First, you need to know more about the sport you’re featuring. You also need the proper camera settings.

Sports photography is a distinct discipline with its own set of requirements. That is why having the best camera for videography is significant. In this case, an image stabilization system is also very valuable. Your subject is always on the move, and you must be able to capture them in peak form.

Take Lifestyle Photographs

We all have significant events in our lives, as well as everyday occurrences. These styles of candid photography provide snapshots of the people around you.

7. Street Photography

Source: Pexels

Street photography is getting more popular for those who carry their cameras everywhere. It’s a distinct style of photography that captures the human condition at any time of day or night. It documents spontaneous events as they occur, with no overarching theme or topic.

The best part is that you can use different cameras and camera settings. For lively and cinematic videos, look for the best camera for video recording. Street photography demands exceptional video recording capabilities as well as quick operation.

8. Wedding Photography

A wedding is a memorable occasion in most people’s lives. And the bride and groom want great photos to remember their special day. Portraits of families and friends are also included in wedding photography. You can also express yourself through set design and poses.

But a wedding album is no longer enough. Today’s couples want high-quality digital photos and videos to share with guests. So, a professional video camera for weddings must meet key specifications. This includes the time of day, video style, and the number of people working together.

Develop Commercial Photography Skills

These types of photography may be of interest if you want to turn your hobby into a source of income.

9. Food Photography

Source: Pexels

We all enjoy food. And when you can smell and taste food, it’s easy to get excited about it. But, making people’s stomachs growl with an image requires some effort. Food photography prompts certain abilities, knowledge, and equipment. Even so, it can be a lucrative career.

You have the option of using your phone’s camera or a professional video camera. With a Sony 4K camera and proper lighting, you can capture mouthwatering food shots. To get accurate colors, make sure to set the white balance. You can also increase the saturation of your images to make your food look even more enticing.

10. Product Photography

Product photography is the art of shooting products to sell them. Clients use product photography images on online and print sales pages. There are different types of product photography. If you’re interested, you can try to learn more about them.

Product photography is straightforward, with the product set against a white background. But getting dynamic and interesting product shots can be difficult. As a result, ensure that you have high-resolution cameras that will do the job. You can also include product-related themes for better results.

To Wrap it Up

All ages and walks of life can explore photography. Whatever your style is, it allows you to capture your memories. It also lets you tell a story or share your interests with others.

One of the best ways to do anything is to start doing it. And taking photos is no exception. The first step is to buy a camera and pick some fun opportunities for practice.


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