Is Jack Harlow Gay? Know How Jack Supported Lil Nax to Embrace Sexuality


Jackman Thomas Harlow, popularly known as Jack Harlow, is an American singer and rapper who belongs from Louisville, Kentucky. The rapper has made a name for himself with smashing hit mixtapes like “Routine, Dark Knight, and Get Sumn. However, fans know very little about his personal life and sexuality, and they are curious that is Jack Harlow gay. So, let’s discuss what we know.


Is Jack Harlow Gay?

There has been a lot of buzz in the Hip Pop industry ever since Lil Nax came out as gay in public. Fans and peers have been speculating that many artists are gay, and one such name on the list is Jack Harlow. One of the main reasons behind these rumors was the strong support Jack showed to his fellow rapper after he embraced his sexual identity.

He bashed Nax’s critics in a statement, saying, “The totally inappropriate reaction to him lets you know that we still have some progress to be made.” The rapper also stated, “And you hear it in passing; there’s still some homophobia going on. But he’s taking the hit that artists won’t have to take in the future. That’s what makes him a hero.” 

However, Jack has not yet addressed the rumors of him being gay. And it is very hard to determine anything about the personal life of the music star as he likes to keep a low profile and doesn’t really share much about his personal affairs in public. But based on the information available, combined with the fact that his name has been previously linked with TikToker Addison Rae, we can say that he is probably not gay. But it is just our speculation.


Jack Harlow began his rapping career in 2011 when he released his debut mixtape, ‘Extra Credit,’ under the moniker Mr. Harlow. In the meanwhile, even before graduating from Atherton High School in 2016, Jack published his first commercial album, The Handsome Harlow, in 2015. Only a few weeks later, he released the mixtape 18.

Shloob, Ace Pro, Ronnie Lucciano, 2forwOyNe, and Quiiso were among the artists included on the tape. Dark Knight, the main track off Jack’s mixtape Gazebo, was released in November 2017. In order to achieve his musical goals, he went on many tours with The Homies. He also supported the rock band Portugal The Man on stage.

Jack Harlow

Jack had to start working at the Georgia State Cafeteria in Atlanta since music was not paying the bills. However, while working there, he got the opportunity to meet DJ Drama. DJ Drama was so taken by Jack’s musical ability that he signed him to his record label, Generation Now, in August 2018. With the record company, he released a major label mixtape dubbed Loose. For his exceptional work on the mixtape, he received a nomination in2019 BET Hip Hop Awards in the Best Mixtape category.

He reached the peak of his career with the release of the single What’s Poppin in January 2020. With 139 million views on YouTube, the song became a tremendous smash. Following that, he had a few more hit singles, including Moana and Tyler Herro. That’s What They All Say, Jack’s debut studio album, was released on December 2, 2020.

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