Several companies face challenges when they open for hiring an Android developer as professional developers are in high demand in the market.

Companies start offering different benefits such as high salaries and bonuses for the skilled developers to attract them.

Big companies survive in this situation, but the small and mid-size companies face multiple challenges in hiring professional Android developers.

What are the top app development platforms in the market? And which is better to choose? This question we ask ourselves or from any other person who have knowledge in this field.

It is not an easy question to ask. You have to see all the other factors to compare with others and make the final decision based on information.

There are two leading platforms one is Android, and the other one is iOS. These two platforms have captured almost the entire market share, as we can find both across the world.

The top and best application developers could be found worldwide—an “Android App Development Company in FloridaUSA to South Asia and other countries.

The world is interconnected now. We have seen that many companies are operating from multiple locations.

The head office is in another country, and the other development department is in another country. Similarly, there are agencies that are entirely located in the USA and in another region too.

For instance, an “Android app development agency in Florida” is wholly situated in the USA as well as in other states and countries too.

  • How To Hire Top Android Developers Nowadays

In the past, there were approximately six million Android developers around the world. That is much higher as compared to iOS developers.

Android is the top mobile operating system leader in the global market that has around 73% market share if we compare in terms of OS.

iOS only works on Apple devices. While on the other side Android is the OS for almost more than 24,000 – 25000 multiple devices.

In 2019 Google revealed in a conference that the number of Android active devices is around 2.4 billion or more than it. (Figures can Vary). No doubt Android has a huge mobile market share.

So, there is no wonder that Android developers are significantly in demand by all small mid and big companies that want to sell their products among mobile users. And build new mobile apps and other services for the Android audience.

However, finding and hiring an Android developer is a challenging task, especially when you don’t have any technical professional or experts in your in-house team.

In this post, we’ll learn that where and how to hire Android application developers in the USA. And also discuss how to assess applicants.

  • Categories Of Android Developers

Like any iOS developers, Android developers can be characteries into three classes according to their skill level, talent, how they respond to a complex situation, and experience:

  • Junior
  • Middle
  • Senior

Junior Android developers – We can say they are new in the profession or have up to three years of working experience in the relevant field.

At the start of their professional journey, they learn and understand things. After that, They get used to their work and feel comfortable with multiple languages such as Java, Kotlin, and Dart and can create or build simple apps.

As they are new and so they require supervision from someone that is a middle and senior developer. They do an assessment and evaluate their coding.

They share the experience with juniors. And support them with complex and challenging tasks like integrations.

Middle Android developers – They have previous experience of over two to three years in developing applications.

At this level, with years of experience, they are capable of working on challenging and complex tasks independently in a much better way.

As juniors, Middle Android developers are also required to make regular conversations regarding their work with seniors. Again, the senior will evaluate their work and code.

Yes! They are that good at facing and handling complex projects, but still, they require the help of the most experienced developers.

The company won’t take this type of risk as a senior developer has to answer the authority if anything goes wrong.

Senior Android developers – They are experts, or we can say specialized in their field. Their experience allows them to lead and manage large and complex products.

Senior developers have vast experience in creating or developing Android applications. They are well-aware and have knowledge about architecture.

They can think through challenging and complex projects and make a forecast about how development will go in the long term.

Because of this and their experience, Senior developers are highly demanded by companies.

If you want to hire an Android developer for your ongoing project, you require a middle or a senior developer as they have experience regarding these things.

While on the other hand, Junior developers need directions and mentorship from seniors. Big companies that have strong tech departments usually hire junior or fresh developers. So, they can learn things and grow inside a company.

  • Application Developer Locations.

Operating in major or big cities are a hub for companies, and they get numerous benefits like the number of universities there that graduate skilled and talented application developers.

Not only developers, but these universities also graduate best designer’s marketers, etc., and the other thing they get is project capital to robust the development sectors.

There are some boutique studios (a small or two-person team) too that are relatively find in a small community. But following the same rules.


California comes at the top as it is a hub for mobile application developers. The USA has San Francisco and Silicon Valley that are big names.

On the other side, Los Angeles also joins the party. Los Angeles is not that far now. New York is perhaps the second major US city in application development. There are some big-name studios situated in New York.


After the USA, London also counts as a major hub of app development. The UK pays more attention to application developers.

On the other side, the north also provides some best quality studios. However, mainly in two major cities, Manchester and Newcastle.


We have seen a rapid increase in India’s IT sector as India is now coming under the immense application development hub.

The majority of developers are found in India’s three big cities: Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and the New Delhi metropolitan area.

Eastern Europe

Ukraine is a robust candidate. with the title of “central hub” of application developers in Eastern Europe. It has an extensive application powerhouse in Kyiv, Odesa, L’viv, and Dnepr.

Not only this, there are several throughout the area, among some of the good ones being in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria.

  • Must-Have Skills for An Android App Developer

There is something to notice that every Android developer must have certain types of skills that they need to own.

Let’s discuss these skills in detail. So, an individual gets an idea about what to look for and what to ignore when hiring a developer.

  • Hard Skills

Experience with Java and Kotlin – Finding someone that have knowledge about different languages like Java and Kotlin. It’s a good sign when a developer has the ability and knows both of these languages.

Java is popular in Android app development, so the developer must know about the Java language. Kotlin is new and is bound to replace Java.

Understanding with the Android SDK – This is an Android development kit. That kit is used explicitly by Android developers. It has everything a developer requires to develop applications.

That has several tools such as tools for storing information or data, building action bars. And the other thing is adapting applications for multiple screen sizes.

Experience with APIs is vital for integrations – In integration and communication with third-party services, APIs are the primary means of this. Without it, you are not able to create any modern application.

Understanding of back end – Your Android developer doesn’t have to be able to code the back end, but they should have a decent knowledge of it.

It means your developer must have foresight knowledge, and he or she should know how to cater to this situation.

Knowledge of XML – Developer, must know how to use XML. As it’s an integral part of the Android app development process. XML is used by Android engineers to access website data.

Understanding with Material Design – This set of standards is by Google’s side on the colors, transitions, and shades for User Interface components.

An Android developer must well aware and well-known by these guidelines. Otherwise, the application that develops without these standards will be rejected by the Google Play Store.

Experience with multiple databases – This is important, as each application requires storing information and data. And thus, it should be unified with a database.

An Android developer is required to get knowledge and know about how to select the right database for a specific project and marge it.

Indeed! Developers’ Hard skills are essential. But on the other side, you can’t ignore the Soft skills. Hiring an Android app developer, you should go through this too.

  • Soft Skills.

Communication skills – Before hiring an Android app developer, ensure that you hire how capable and sound they are in communication; how they interact with the rest of your staff and team, and how well they understand the requirements and raise any problem at the time. Before they seriously impact the project.

Remember one thing if you’re hiring someone as your remote employee, make sure you don’t face any issues, like language, communication, or interaction issues.

Teamwork – Working in the organization, the one thing that matters a lot is teamwork. An Android developer must be able to interact and work with other members of a team.

Mobile development projects generally require several people. It starts from stakeholders, business experts to designers and developers, etc.

Cultural fit – Each organization has its own culture. And it’s your responsibility to ensure that the new developer must share your organization and team’s morals. In case they fail in the collaboration, that can become painful.

  • To Wrap Up

Now you have the proper knowledge of where and how to hire an Android application developer in the USA.

By keeping these points in mind, you can efficiently and effectively reach the top. And on the other hand, it will enable you to get a competitive edge in the market.

Thanks to several companies working in the USA like “Cubix,” which offers the best Android app developers to develop your business application.

These companies have one motto to do best for their customers. And give your business a push, and you earn more by gaining competitive over others.


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